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Alleged killer husband Lekan Shonde’s arrest elicits glee

-How he was caught 4 days after wife’s murder

1-Fullscreen capture 592016 43707 PMLagosians and followers of the sad tale of alleged murder of his wife by a Lagos based man, Lekan Shonde are ecstatic over his arrest.

Lekan’s wife, Ronke was discovered lifeless and with bruises after an altercation with her husband, in the early hours of Friday, May 6, 2016 in Egbeda area of Lagos state.

The now arrested Lekan had boasted of his invincibility, telling the media that he was a ‘Lagos Boy’ and could hide within the state for 30 years but has now been nabbed in his hideout in ikeja area of the state within three days.

Jubilant followers of the case have been giving kudos to the Police for the arrest while others are mocking Lekan for saying he couldn’t be discovered.

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sniper77: He is gonna eat watery beans at kirikiri for the rest of his life. Bon voyage monsieur

Ajewealth123: but the man said he is on ghost mode? He said and I quote “I be Lagos boy ,I can live in Lagos for 10years and nobody will see me” so what now happened?

Omoakinsuyi: Welcome development. Let him face the music. See how he is looking, full of regret. Always learn to control your anger no matter how provoked you may be. My thoughts with the two kids on the agony of living without parents because only divine miracle can make him survive this

TimothyNkenu: Perfect! He should not go scot free at all. By the way looks like cases that get publicity are quickly solved.

Marley01: Clap for yourself. Jason Statham abi? U just got urself a one bedroom flat for free.

e____o___janie: I thought he said he is a Lagos boy and nobody can find him,with his strong head.Bastard…

lummie_smiles: See ya life..Lagos boy indeed,,under 24hours they v gotten u…

monic4josh: Good job. Let him go and cool off in jail

vivasugar2: Picked ko 🙃dab ni😔😔he surrendered jor •••••these police pipo can like to claim unmerited glory Sha ••••Edakun Una no pick am

i_am_adannewi: He is looking so aged probably frm lack of sleep and a troubled spirit. Reality has dawned on him. There is indeed, no peace for the wicked. Just look at him. U would ve saved urself this whole mess by gently pressing d divorce button if d allegations u heaped on her were true. U decided to let devil use u,whereas u have Jesus’s number. Go and face d wrath of the law.

tracydavidss: Taught he said he’s a Lagos boy and can stay for another 30years without being caught 😂😂😂😂coward

3ds__: Eeyah Lagos boy!30 years don reach?

ogechikuche: @jokotola.jktee I’m happy he’s found and at d same time I feel so sad dat d kids will lose both parents💔💔💔💔

that1960chickdotcom: That interview hurt my soul. I have no doubt in my mind he killed her. And Locking his kids up with her body? He’s a sociopath!

kayblizzle: I thought he was claiming no one could find him in Lagos that he’s a Lagos boy! So he didn’t last 1 day.

obisdarbas: Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thank you Jesus

midastouchenesi: That means to say nobody can hide, only if them no get ur time.

anukamrussj: Lagos boy! You couldn’t hide for a full week? Chai! I hope justice is served where necessary.

igbogirlsrock: You be Lagos boy for your wife body,alaye ojo park.

nikky_martins: Pride goes b4 a fall. U say u didn’t kill her n u were bragging that u cannot be caught. God don show u who get power pass.

datfairboy: Lol the man no get sense lol e no smart

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