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Alms giving drops sharply in mosques due to recession

The ongoing recession has enveloped every sphere of life as religious centres which were hitherto the last hope of the beggars are no longer looking their way.’s findings revealed that most alms givers have sealed their purses due to the present economic predicament the nation is passing through. And this is really affecting the beggars who regularly besiege mosques on Fridays to seek favours either from mosques or individual worshippers.

One of the scholars, Alfa Isa Olohunbe, who spoke to us also confirmed the situation. He added that mosques this time around can’t even fund themselves due to irregular payment of offering. That he said, has affected the way mosques themselves also carter for the needy at the moment.

“The recession is having a very bad effect on the activities and finances  of many mosques now, but as muslims, we all believe that after the pain there is surely going to be gain. The condition we found ourselves in Nigeria today has happened in the life of some prophets and they all overcame it. That’s why we’re still hopeful.

“On what you asked, most people don’t give out alms now unlike when things were okay. It’s when you have at all that you can give. The same thing also affects mosques which is seen by the need as their last hope. It’s one of the responsibilities of a mosque to be responsive to the plight of beggars and the poor generally but when the mosque itself doesn’t have, hardly can it do anything. May Allah save the nation from the situation we’re in now.”


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