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Alzheimer’s symptoms: Four warning signs to note

The general believe is that Alzheimer’s is loss of memory, but a recent study has proved other degenerative diseases.

Northwestern University’s Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center in the latest research made an effort to change our views. The symptoms and kind of Alzheimer’s will depend on what part of the brain is affected, but cannot be determined until after death during post-mortem.

‘We wanted to describe these individuals to raise awareness about the early clinical and brain features of PPA [primary progressive aphasia] to develop metrics which would advocate for their inclusion in clinical trials targeting Alzheimer’s disease. These individuals are often excluded because they don’t have memory deficits, but they share the same disease [Alzheimer’s] that’s causing their symptoms’, said by Dr. Emily Rogalski.

The four warning signs are:

First, strange confidence – When someone that suffers inferiority complex suddenly gain confidence. ‘Someone who was very shy may go up to grocery store clerk—who is a stranger—and try to give her a hug or kiss,’ Dr. Rogalski said.

Second, language challenge – When someone declines in ability to speak fluently or construct statement.

Third, writing challenge – When someone struggles  to write or sign a cheque.

Fourth, reading challenge – When someone struggles to follow sentences through to the end, or to assimilate a full paragraph.

The research team at Northwestern explores these systems closely, saying: ‘PPA [primary progressive aphasia] can be caused either by Alzheimer’s disease or another neurodegenerative disease family called frontotemporal lobar degeneration.’



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