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Amarachukwu and Ugochukwu Nwokolo begin marital journey (1): Couple speak

‘Amara has internal beauty’ – Ugochukwu Nwokolo, Groom

IT’S official!  Shipment Inspection guru, Ugochukwu Nnabuenyi Nwokolo is now legally married to his lover, Amarachukwu.  And after the lavish reception held in their honour in Lagos, ENCOMIUM Weekly asked the dude how he met and fell in love with her.

DSC_0208Congrats on your wedding.

Thanks, ENCOMIUM Weekly.

Please, tell us your love story.

We actually attended the same church, Our Saviour’s, but we never talked to each other because I never had the chance to do so. But all of a sudden, I travelled to Ghana because of some issues.  It was from there, we got in contact and we never saw face-to-face.  She wasn’t even sure whom I was.  By the time I came back to Lagos, we had been talking for about six months or so.  That was last two years.  I later met her in church on a Sunday and we hit it off from there.

When did you propose?

Four months after I returned to the country.

So, what was the attraction?

Amara has this internal beauty.  The internal beauty comes from the fact she loves other people.  She’s not arrogant, not pompous.  She’s humble to a fault.  We understand ourselves very well.

How many are you in the house?

We are all boys.  We are actually five men!

Are you not honoured to host prominent moguls at your wedding?

I’m very much honoured.  It was really amazing.  I really want to thank Chief Jonathan, chairman of Jonex, and his wife. God has used them to bless me.  I don’t know how to pay back.  They just saw me and grabbed me.  I’m grateful to them.  I’m also grateful to the chairman, Mr. Ikeakor. I appreciate all our guests, big and small.

So, what’s your prayer for this marriage?

I pray that in the years to come, the fire that is still burning in us won’t go dim.  I don’t want any issue to disturb our marriage.

What size of family are you looking at?

As many as three so we would be able to take good care of them.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a pre-shipment inspector.  I work with Cobot International Services.


‘He proposed in my office’  – Amarachukwu confesses

THE bride, Amarachukwu had a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly.  Happy she finally found love, the delectable lady told us how it all started…

DSC_0208-002You have an interesting love story, can you please summarise it?

It’s just God.  The whole thing is that the patient dog, like they say, eat the fattest bone.  I’m grateful to God for everything.  Our story is somehow long.

We heard you dated for seven years?

It’s not up to that though our families have known for over seven years.  We’ve been in the same church.  We attended the same school.  But we never really got talking until he gave me a call one day.

That was when?

About two years ago.  August 31, 2013.  He said he had heard so much about me.  That he wanted to know me.  We hit it off from there.  And here we are today.

So, at what point was it like this is getting serious?

When he came back home.  We had been on phone for about five months.  He came in in February, 2014.  Then we got talking.

How did he propose?

He’s been planning and I had been too busy to notice what was going on.  So, on that day I think on August 13, he came to my office, then I had gone home.  Finally, he traced me back to the office, went on his knees and said, Amara, this is it, will you marry me.

How does it feel to have everybody here today, all for your sake?

It was as a dream.  Everybody from home and abroad, they all came for this event.  So, we are highly honoured.

Chief Jonathan Okafor was the father of the day and your sponsor?

Yes, he’s my father.  He has been there, right from when I was a kid.  In fact, since when I was toddler till now.

What’s your word to the family?

God will bless them.  He will keep them for me.  They are the people I have in this world. In fact, they are my family.  They have been there for ages for me.  They will live to reap the fruit of their labour.

How many kids are you guys going to make?

Three. We have discussed that.

You were a bit tensed up at the church.

It was like a shock seeing all the Bishops assembling just because of me.  Who am I?

Can you please, tell us more about yourself and your immediate family?

My name is Amara Nwokolo (nee Okoloekwe).  I’m from Enugwu Ukwu.  Ours is a family of seven, five girls and two guys.  I’m the eldest.

What did you study?

My first degree was in Microbiology, then Masters in Bio-Technology.

We learnt you work with Jonex, what do you do there?

I supervise them.

Were you abroad before?

Yes, I went for my Masters abroad, stayed for a while there and then I resumed work here.

What’s your prayer for this marriage?

That God will keep us in love and unity.  That the joy we experienced today would linger forever.  I also pray we raise children that are responsible for the nation and our family, as well.

What do you cherish most about your husband?

He’s a nice guy.  He has a different spirit.  He’s sensitive and caring.

What pet name do you call him?

I call him my chocolate, my prince and he in return calls me Caramel Candy.

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