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Amodu Shuaibu: Frustration is really a silent killer

That feeling of despondency, helplessness, hopelessness  and extreme depression triggered by lack of money can actually kill as suggested by one of the family members of former Super Eagles coach, Amodu Shuaibu, 58, who died early today ( Saturday, June 11) in Benin city in his sleep and was buried in Okpella (both in Edo state) this evening. The nonpayment of his entitlements by Edo state and Nigerian Football Federation took a toll on the health of the gentleman, and he eventually couldn’t cope with his high blood pressure and died of possible cardiac arrest.

Researchers have established how easily one can die from frustration as it takes a heavy toll on major organs of the body, interfering with bodily functions.

Here are some ways frustration kills, as compiled by :

1. In the central nervous system, frustration interferes by making you feel tired all the time and not being able to sleep properly and restfully. It makes you irritable, angry, lose interest in simple pleasures including sex. You can also get to the level of feeling utter hopelessness.

It impairs your decision making, and can lead to substance abuse.

One can easily think of ending it all.

2. Frustration affects your appetite, either making you eat too much or too little. You can easily become anorexic or obese, with attendant health complications. You may develop ulcer or gastric ailments, or compromise your organs because they are starved of nutrients.

3. Frustration frustrates your immunity and affects your heart, making you prone to diseases which may be incurable or cardiovascular issues which may eventually lead to cardiac arrest.

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