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AMVCA’s N51 million spectacular show rocks (10): Winners speak -FATHIA WILLIAMS (Best Indigenous Language Yoruba, Iya Alalake)


“I thank God for my life.  I thank my cast and crew, my foundation, my director.  The movie is a comedy film in Yoruba though I am not a Yoruba lady but it won an award.  I say thank you to my fans and those that voted for me.”

LINDA EJIOFOR (Best Supporting Actress Movie/TV Series)

“I give glory to God and also thank my fans.  Without them, I wouldn’t be here.  Thank you.  I am really overwhelmed.”

FEMI JACOBS (Best Actor in Comedy)

“To Mildred Okwo, you gave me my first mention, you deserve the first mention.  Nobody knew who I was.  I dedicate this award to Fountain of Life Church.  I have been there for 15 years.  I really appreciate the love, warmth and support they have given me.”

RITA DOMINIC (Best Actress in Comedy)

“17 years ago, I started acting in Nollywood.  Today, I am lucky to still be on this stage, it is God.  I want to say thank you to God.  To my family for their support, to my fans thank you for loving us.  Winning the New Era Award last year was an encouragement to continue and it produced, The Meeting.

STEVE GUKAS (Best Movie Drama)

“It is hard making a film.  It is harder even in Africa.  For me, this award represents encouragement.  To every movie maker, if you pursue your dram, you will get there.  A Place in the stars was supposed to be a fast project but the fund was slow in coming.  It took about seven years to make this movie.  I thank my cast and crew, my family who made the most sacrifice.”

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