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AMVCA’s N51 million spectacular show rocks (6): Winners speak -‘It is another responsibility’ – Kehinde Bankole (Best Actress in Drama)

Congratulations!  How does it feel winning an award?

Thank you.  It is overwhelming.  I say a big thank you to African Magic and everyone that voted for me.

When you were shooting, did you envisage it would get you an award?

Yes, I knew it will take me far because every time we are working, the producer will say, ‘You are going to get an award.’  So, I knew something was in the offing but I didn’t know who would get it.

How will you spend your prize money?

I don’t know yet.

What next?

It is another responsibility for me. It is not just a fanfair.  I have to go back to tighten my belt and surpass what I have now.


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