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AMVCA’s N51 million spectacular show rocks (7): Winners speak -‘My award is dedicated to Peace Anyiam Osigwe’ – OC Ukeje (Best Actor in Drama)

How does it feel?

It feels great, awesome.

You have won several awards, what can an actor do to keep winning?

I think you shouldn’t come to the business because you want to win an award.  Come into Nollywood because you are gifted.  I must say, there is no particular way, just do your bit, work hard, strategise and God will bless it.

Who are you dedicating this award to?

I am dedicating it to the woman who opened my eyes to what I am doing today, Peace Anyiam Osigwe.

What next after this?

It is an opportunity to strategise.  You have to be strategic in how you will make better movies.  Since this is  coming from Africa, you have to beat the record.



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