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Anger, alarm greet mind-boggling corruption in Aso Rock Clinic

Aso rock - Buhari

With N3.87 billion allocation in 2016 and N331 million in 2017, Aso Rock Clinic has no basic items such as cotton wool, paracetamol and syringes – and Nigerians are scandalised over the mind-boggling corruption.

The report by revealed the monumental shame in the seat of power as many of its amenities are broken down, from X-ray machine to ambulance without fuel and more.
Here are some views about the embarrassing scandal…



Patrick Osikemhekhai Azelakeh:

It is part of your change… enjoy it while it lasts’…


Usman Mohammed:

Why? Does it mean d money has not being released? the whole aso rock


Chukkie Anoms:

Maybe the pharmaceutical department is prescribing “MONEY” rather than DRUGS… i really need to visit that hospital ooo… I wonder if they will prescribe ‘MONEY’ for my ailments…


A Olusegun Nugesulo:

N3.87bn for drugs & scarcity hit aso clinic? NOT CORRUPTION BCS APC RULE. With this money they still travel out for treatment. God will save Nigeria.


Mercy Kalu:

The money has developed winds and fly away.


Ajayi Samuel Olufemi:

That is why you are not collected your drugs yesterday at Aso rock clinic Where you been treated for brain disorder.


Joel Kumdung Fwangter:

Yes I am a witness to this, you l’ve to buy common eye drop outside.



Edith George:

Criminals…N3.87b on drugs for only Aso Rock clinic…can’t imagine…definitely,, kidneys are equally donated…


Oshilonya Ignatius:

They will soon run shortage of their life.


Etiebet Dickson:

Even all the hausa fulanis that were shouting sai baba are now shouting #KaiBaba. Incompetence at its highiest order or should we say the government is #Helpless. ?


Gift Oluchi Nelson:

They used all the drugs to treat baba’s ear


Pauline Ekong Ebuta:

Make I confess? I use to doubt some news! Is it possible dat drugs dey scarce for aso rock hospital? Was d budget for d hospital really dat much? They don stingy so tey stingy on themselves! We dey watch!


Rahila Maishanu:

Blame it on PDP. They pulled a disappearing act on the drugs. Lol…. kai this administration is a huge joke.


Eliana Gagara Okafi:

They thought they are better and will do better and the will perform magic, and what is happening now? hmmm God have mercy


Mary Patrick:

Please don’t say this government hasn’t offered anything, it’s been offering us blame game, probe exercise and hunger everywhere and you call this nothing think again.


Gladys Bawa:

I said it that day that it will be looting and backwardness, they said I have a big mouth.


Monday Kazzah:

Kai jama’a! And dis is de budget dat was fantastically padded nd loaded.


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