Anjoreen Couture’s Babatunde Adeniran set for American fashion shows

UPWARDLY mobile city clothier and helmsman of Anjoreen Couture, Mr. Babatunde Adeniran has graced some of the biggest fashion shows in Lagos and other parts of the world.  In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the fashion designer explains where he’s headed and sundry issues.


How would you describe your work since you started?

I love what I do, and I do it with passion.  When you see an Anjoreen Couture design, you need not be told, that’s what it is.  You just know, I used to do strictly Western clothings but now I do more of African designs.

What has kept you going?

Fashion is part of my passion and hobby. I see the industry as a challenge I can surmount.  I know what it needs to meet up, what it needs to understand the industry.  You need to understand your client and how to service them. As a designer, you should never copy others.  You should be creative enough to make your own designs and bring them out good.  Once you have your style, clients would always come no mater your location.

What type of clothes do you make?

I started with couture, but now I’m also into European-African clothings. I combine African fabrics with Western clothes to make fantastic designs.

You just returned from the United States where you showcased some of your designs, what event was it and what was it about?

I was invited for Washington DC Fashion Week.  I went there to showcase my designs and the African talent in me. I also got an invite for the African Royale Fashion Week, held at Howard University, Maryland, USA.  Those were the two events I featured in the United States.  But in August, I’d also be at the Baltimore Fashion Week and in September I’m off again for the Miami Fashion Week, all in the USA.

How would you describe the experience?

It has been wonderful so far.  I have learnt a whole lot from these events.  There were some basic things I did not know about fashion that I have learnt now, which of course, gives me an edge over some other designers.

Has the exposure added positively to your career?

Most Nigerians would not patronize you if you don’t have knowledge of fashion outside our shores.  The patronage will not be impressive.  So, I have blended the ideas I got from other designers abroad with my own and I have come up with some of the greatest Anjoreen Couture designs.  It has also helped me gain more customers, both home and abroad.

Would you say fashion designing has opened doors for you?

It’s God that opens door o!  Fashion designing is just the tool God used in my own case.  It’s just a hobby that I turned into my career.  I don’t see myself doing any other thing other than designing.

Do you wear your designs?

For the past 15 years, I have not worn anything from another designer. I make my clothes, shoes, belts and every other accessory.

Are you in any relationship now?

It’s not like I do not like women, but I do not have time for them.  I am married to my business for now.  I am always busy and I know I cannot eat my cake and have it. I am thinking of clothing the world.  Women and dating is not top on my list for now.

What steps are you taking to achieve your dream of clothing the world?

I am going the extra mile to satisfy my customers.  I will also continue to make exceptional designs by the grace of God.


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