‘Anti-smoking law won’t make us quit’ – Lagos Smokers


Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola’s signing into law of the new No Smoking in Public Places Bill has been met with mixed reactions.

While the law is popular for its noble intentions, many are skeptical about compliance issues. Smokers in Lagos, who spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly were not sure if the law would ultimately cause a reduction in tobacco intake.

According to the law, people who smoke in public places will risk a three year jail term. The bill prohibits smoking in areas designated as non-smoking areas, including museums, public toilets, libraries, nurseries, daycare centres and any facility used for the care of infants.

Public telephone kiosks, public transportation vehicles, private vehicles where there are more than one person, school buses, restaurants, bus stops and cinemas, theatres, amusement parks or any other place used by members of the public like conference centres and exhibition halls.

Also factories and other premises in which more than one person works and areas used as places of work, including the secretariat, are all defined in the law as public places.



There are many other bills that would benefit the populace that need attention, not smoking bill. Smokers were not born that way, it is the situation of the country that made them pick up that habit.

People will still smoke outside. That is not what people need this time. Many people walk around the street thinking of how to get what to eat


I smoke, but not in public. That doesn’t mean people who enjoy smoking all the time should be barred from smoking anywhere they feel like. It’s an abuse of human right so to speak.

Left to me, I am coping. I don’t have any problem with the law.


I don’t think the law is necessary. Fashola should have come up with the law that can move Lagos forward economically instead of anti-public smoking law that has little or no effect on the people of Lagos State.

Anyway, the law is not disturbing me. I still smoke anytime and anywhere I feel like.


To me, it is a good idea. Not everyone wants to be around the offensive smell of smoke. It is bad not only to those smoking, but to those inhaling it.

It is impossible for Nigerians to comply to this law because we never abide by any law. We always find ways to beat them.


I think it is a good idea because some people are just inconsiderate. They smoke anyhow and anywhere not minding if it affects the people around them.

Compliance can be achieved but that’s not my fear. The Nigeria Police have been known to take things out of context and misuse such laws. People have the right to smoke.


I am not in support of it because I don’t believe I am disturbing anybody with my smoking. However, I want to see how Fashola hopes to enforce it in this Lagos.

I think they would find it difficult to comply, especially those street buyers.


It’s a good law provided they can implement it. I don’t smoke in public or constitute nuisance with my smoking so I don’t have any problem with compliance at all.


Smoking in public places shouldn’t be a problem. So far it doesn’t affect people around. I mean, when it is not done to the detriment of others.

I am not sure the law would stand the test of time. In a nutshell, compliance might not be achieved.


This is an act we Nigerians have been involved over the years. So, do you think it’s possible to stop it overnight? But I think the idea is good because it has something to do with our health. Nigerians are not law abiding so I doubt if total compliance can be achieved.


Smoking in public places shouldn’t be a problem. It is impossible to achieve total compliance. But 70 percent compliance is achievable on the mainland.


It’s useless and not necessary. Total compliance is not possible. The system is messed up. The police are corrupt and any arrested person will bribe his way to freedom. Besides, the law is senseless.


It is not a good idea at all, where is the freedom of association as enshrined in the constitution? This law would have been better after the authority have provided smoking zones around town.

It is not possible to achieve total compliance. Those who will enforce the law will just abuse it.


My reaction is positive. I am very happy about the law. Smokers should learn not to disturb people in their environment with what they enjoy doing. They should always smoke privately, which is good for them.

Total compliance will be achieved because the authorities has provided a punishment for anyone who contravenes the law. It will work, and anyone who turns deaf ears would be deal with.


I am very happy about the law. Many people are affected by the carbon monoxide the smokers are releasing into the atmosphere. The government has really done well.

It is left to the smokers. If they don’t comply, the government should make sure the punishment attached to this should be meted to anyone caught. This is my take on this.


I can’t stop smoking just like that, though I know it is not good for my health, the ban on smoking in the public, is quite unfortunate. Enforcing the law would be difficult because we would surely resist it. I don’t see maximum compliance, immediately.


I smoke, but I support the law against smoking in public because it endangers non-smokers’ health. The success of the enforcement largely depends on Lagosians and law-enforcement agents. If they are serious, many would go to jail.


It is not bad at all. It is for a better society. Smokers should not put other people’s life in danger because of a vice they enjoy. It might be difficult but with time there will be total compliance.

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