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Apology and undertaking by Matharoo sisters severe and indicting

The undertaking signed and apology recorded on video and posted on YouTube by the accused cyber bullies and blackmailers were as severe and indicting as their alleged actions was merciless and greedy.

The undertaking signed by the three accused persons – Taranjot Matharoo, Kiranjot Matharoo and Babatunde Oyebode  –  states:


Criminal undertaking

I……………….……, who’s registered address is………………………do hereby agree and undertake as follows:-

  1. that from inception I have been responsible for the platforms “NaijaGistLive”
  2. that these platforms are inclusive of the website (……..and…….), the twitter account (@NaijaGistLive) and the various Instagram pages (including but not limited to @9jaGistLive3);
  3. that I encouraged the use of these platforms for the malicious and unfounded attacks of third parties, assuring the protection of the identities of the contributors in return for more content;
  4. that from time to time, I charged various individuals for the removal of certain content posted on the site, as well as for the posting of certain information about various people;
  5. that over the last few months these platforms have been responsible for the humiliation and cyber bullying of some 274 persons, mostly based in various regions of Africa;
  6. that hence forth I shall have no involvement what so ever with any of the NaijaGistLive platforms;
  7. that hence forth I shall not partake in or contribute to any new platforms, whether hosted on the internet, instagram or twitter, aimed at serving the same purpose;
  8. that hence forth I shall not encourage the creation of new platform by a third party, whether hosted on the internet, Instagram or twitter, aimed at serving the same purpose;
  9. that hence forth I shall have no communication what so ever with the previous contributors of the NaijaGistLive platforms;
  10. that in the event that said contributors contact me, I shall report same to the Nigerian authorities;
  11. that immediately upon my release for the hideous crime perpetrated against various innocent individuals I shall leave Nigeria; and
  12. that for the remainder of my natural life I shall not re-enter Nigeria nor partake in such activities.


Sign by:                                  





In the presence of





And the video which surfaced on December 27, 2016, saw the sisters standing side-by-side reading from a phone.

Kiran Matharoo begged:

”We apologize to Femi Otedola and family, especially his wife and children, all the other people and every other petitioners. We created a platform called and .co, where people can send it stories, close friends or associates of people being written about. The intention was not to hurt anyone or to extort anyone as we have not received any money from this website. The money went to Babatunde Oyebode of Hustle Ink. We are again very sorry and we ensure all other petitioner that we will not have any affiliation or whatsoever with this website or any other website that has to do with this. We promise not to say anything of the contrary to what we are saying now. We volunteered to make this video and not under duress as we are aware of the damages done to people.”


These two episodes clearly indicted the fun-lovers who found more than their match in Forte Oil’s Femi Otedola.

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