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Apostle Johnson Suleman dashes out cars, cash and items worth N26m


…Hits Ghana with mega crusade

In this great nation of ours, there is an abundance of human misery. The four dreaded evils of disease, squalor, want and ignorance are mercilessly ravaging our societies, with children, the elderly, the disabled and the sick, bearing the brunt of the impact.

However, looking at pastors of large congregations today, only a select few of them do tend to contribute hugely to a wide range of charities and community outreach. Among these very few is Apostle Johnson Suleman, the General Overseer at Omega Fire Ministries.

From early Christianity to the modern age, genuine Christians have carried with them, a beneficial concept of charity that has had, and continues to have, a substantial impact on humanity. It was another moment of joy and fulfillment last year December, for some members of Omega Fire Ministries, the less privileged including widows, widowers and vulnerable children who benefitted from Apostle Suleman’s yearly charity scheme.

At the Auchi, Edo State headquarters of OFM, the firebrand preacher who is famously known as God’s Oracle, gave out nine cars worth N2 million each, with cash gift ranging between N100,000 and N250,000 to more than 30 people. Also, several members of the church, in the heroic scheme aimed at challenging the well-to-do in the society to focus their wealth more on the poor, got various gift items which include refrigerators, Plasma TV sets, power generators, gas cookers and other household needs.

Giving out the gifts, Apostle Suleman, shared his humbled beginning which he has always said fired his passion for giving.

Suleman often confesses that he has passion for God, compassion for men, pursuit for lost souls and possesses a mandate to wipe out tears and restore men and women to their destinies.

“I have tasted poverty. I come from a very humble background. My parents were poor before I was called. So, I knew how it felt to be poor. That is why I believe that the less-privileged of today can become important personalities tomorrow. My mission is all about preaching to souls and giving to the needy. What I do every year in the open that you may think is big is just a fraction of what I do to help many in the corner”, He noted that his giving in the public is not to show off but to give the opportunity to those who have but does not give, to start giving.

Aside the annual charity programme, Apostle Suleman whose philosophy is ‘gospel is practical not only spiritual’, also has many indigent students on scholarship, widows on his personal payroll, also the physically challenged while he donated boreholes and electricity transformers to assist communities. One interesting aspect of Suleman’s humanitarian outline is the fact that it is extended to everyone, irrespective of religious affiliations.

Suleman, speaking during the programme, said that his giving spirit was borne out of necessity and desire to lift people in need and offer them a chance to have a better life. “In continual expansion”, he added, “we believe that only together we can fight for a better life. Over the years, my ministry has rescued many poor families and sick people, whom we helped to live with the aid of our volunteers and people with big hearts. Whether we give money, items, food, water, clothes or even houses to people, all our actions have taught us that life is beautiful and that we must fight for it and help others enjoy it too.”

Apostle Johnson Suleman demonstrated how the power of God heals in a significant outing in Accra, Ghana, recently. The two-day mega healing crusade which held between Monday 18 and Tuesday 19, January 2016, took the Word into many and impacted the body system. The miracle healing gave many people the opportunity to share testimonies.


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