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Applause as twitter deletes Avengers’ account

Some Nigerians have given credit to the management of for deactivating the official twitter account of Niger Delta Avengers @NDAvengers, one of Nigeria’s anti-government militant groups.

Before now, the group’s twitter timeline served as a platform for spreading information while advancing their cause, along with its website,

Niger Delta Avengers are responsible for the recent spate of attacks on pipeline installations in the Niger Delta region, blowing up five pipelines between Friday and Sunday.

Any attempt to access the handle is greeted with the message, “Account suspended. This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts, or return to your timeline.”

The group also had their official website brought down in June before a new one was launched

Nigerians have since reacted to this development.

@MusadiqZ  : “Flash. @twitter ‘blows up’ @NDAvengers (pipeline) by suspending their account. Good riddance”

@trickish09 : “I don’t think is wise enough for twitter to suspend @NDAvengers is from their info and reaction govt can b able to reach out to them.”

@obinna_afc : “Twitter want to help tyrant buhari to hide the truth. Why suspend @NDAvengers on twitter. Remember they’re many ways to get info.”

@mang_olu : “@NDAvengers does it stop them from carrying on with their activities”

@hasibsuenu :  “Twitter suspends @NDAvengers. Bravo! But how come many visible ISIS affiliated accounts aren’t handled as such. A Conspiracy?”

In other reactions, “The suspension of the account of the Niger Delta Avengers (@NDAvengers) was long overdue. Criminals should not be given access to the media.”

“After flagging @NDAvengers acct for a whole month, Twitter has finally suspended the acct. We should not ENTERTAIN environmental terrorists!”

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