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Ara crooner, BRYMO speaks on international deal, new album and the joy of fatherhood

This is arguably the best of times in the career of Olawale Ashimi, known in the music circle as Brymo as the gifted singer has bagged an international recording and distribution deal with United States-based TMG.

The Son of a Kapenta (the title of his sophomore album) which he calls himself spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly and he told us more about the deal. He also shared fond memories of his time with his five-month-old son, Olanrewaju (or simply Waju).


Congratulations on your distribution deal with TMG. How does it feel?

Thanks. It’s also a recording deal. It feels good, I believe it’s a great start for my work to start getting real international recognition and I am glad it happened when it did. Already, my albums sell on iTunes and on most online stores around the world including Spinlet here in Nigeria. But the TMG deal will see us distributing copies into stores in the U.S. and getting promotion for our materials within that market.

Did you see it coming, bagging an international record deal?

I have always wanted to make music that can be received abroad; it’s the dream of every artiste to be heard beyond the borders of his or her country. I didn’t see it happening when it did but I have always hoped for it.

How did you come about the deal?

The deal came through the efforts of my management at seeking opportunities from all around the world, and of course the people at TMG liked some of the songs we already released and it only took a few calls and emails to set the ball rolling.

What are the details of the deal? What kind of a deal is it?

It’s a recording/ distribution deal, and it’s exclusive to the American market.

What opportunities do you think this deal will present you?

Brymo_-_AgainBoundless opportunities, I only have to wait and let the universe unveil itself.

What’s the next step for you now?

The next step for me is to keep living, loving and thriving. To keep making music and keep believing in the work of my hands, and of course to keep basking in the blessings coming my way and remembering that I am nothing without grace.

Your album, Trance, what’s the latest on it?

Trance is expected in stores in September, in the US of course. It has eight songs specially handpicked from my M, D&S and Tabula Rasa projects, with a fresh mix and mastering done in the States. It’s an introductory album for me in a new market and it’ll help us learn what’s best for us to put out there, so we are well prepared on our next outing and we’ll know what kind of songs can fly in that market.

What’s the idea behind the title Trance?

Trance! Because all the songs on the project have been released on some other albums. It’s a state of a day dream for me, it’s what I am doing as I am waiting for what is coming.

What should we expect from the album?

I expect to convert new followers and listeners, and they can expect a different musical experience as we are bringing Africa to them.

Are you exploring new music or we’d see the Brymo we know on the album?

The people who will be buying the album don’t know Brymo, so for them it’s a whole new package all together. And for I and my team, it’s an opportunity to learn about new territories…

Who are the producers and artistes you worked with to create the album?

Mikky Me produced all the songs as already known.

It’s about five months now, how are you enjoying fatherhood?

Oh, it’s quite a unique experience and I am still very new to it. But the little man puts a smile on my face every time, it’s elating.

What’s your favourite memory of your time with Olanrewaju (Waju) so far?

Every moment with him is memorable. The innocence in a child I now believe makes us see what we strive to be, their simplicity and purity.

What lessons would you say you have learnt since you became a father?

I have learnt to be more patient and I have found more strength to keep moving forward.

Any marriage plans soon to your Ayanfe?

You’ll get an invite when it’s time.

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