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Archos Mobile phones storm Nigerian market

Archos Societe Anonymis Plc is a French company with years of experience in Europe. It was established 25 years ago. Quoted on the New York Stock Exchange and the fastest growing original equipment manufacturer in the world and one of the biggest phone brands in Europe that is passionate in meeting peoples telecom and device needs.

Archos which is the pioneer in the Android OS space with the first ever Android tablet, has now provided a complete range of innovation smartphones and tablets.

Android smartphones have access to google play store and windows store. It has also developed a branch of connected object with the smart home ecosystem.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with top management staff of the company…



‘Our product is unique’ – ADEDAMOLA OLUKOTUN, General Country Manager, ARCHOS

What stands Archos out from other mobile products?



We have three range of products, we have the smart phones, tablets and the connected objects. The smart phone operates just like every other of its brand. We have the android based phones while some are Windows based and we are launching both brands in order to give our customers the feel that they want.

The same goes for the tablet products, we are also launching our three models of tablet products. Our unique selling point is that, our products are affordable and very good. We have an European standard and that is what we are bringing to the table. Also, we are not going to compromise the quality of our products from what is being done in other parts of the country.

For the connected products, we have very lovely gadgets strictly designed form our Research And Development team. Those are part of the products which are new to Nigeria. Also, we intend to create a kind of wave in the Nigerian market in terms of smart phones, tablets and all other gadgets.

Tell us about this event?

We are officially unveiling ARCHOS products here in Nigeria. We want Nigerians to start buying our products and we found out there is no better way we can achieve that without first, making them aware of these products. We are not shy to tell everyone we are in Nigeria to add value to the lives of consumers when it comes to mobile devices and also to make them very comfortable, affordable and quality products.

The market is highly competitive, how do you think your products can stand the test of time?

We intend to achieve that by not compromising the quality of our products. We are a French brand and when it comes to gadgets in France, we are No 2, we are also a leading brand in other parts of Europe. We are present in over 40 countries in the world including, Northern Europe, Latin America and America.

In terms of competition, like you mentioned, we are bringing in durable products to the table and we also have many skills ranging from the fact that, we want to make everybody comfortable from the low income earners, to the middle class and high class individuals. Also, we intend to make it not just very affordable but very accessible.



‘The product is good for Nigerian market’ – FEDRICK BILLIE, Managing Director, ARCHOS



What is this event targeted at?

We are launching the brand ARCHOS mobile into the Nigerian market and our goal is to present the products, the brand, and the company to the media as well as Nigerians.

Tell us about the leverage ARCHOS Mobile has over other products in Nigeria?

It is an European brand which is well known for years and we intend to storm the Nigerian market with our range of products. We have taken our time to mix good performance, quality products, colours, innovations, all at an affordable price.

Can you please tell us about some of the freebies that come with ARCHOS products?

We intend to come into the market with some of our bundles. The 50D platinum gadget is one of our string products and is coming with free colour back casing, silicon case and an 8GB S.D card. We hope with this bundles, it would be successful.

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