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Are aso ebi getting more expensive or cheaper?

The now commonplace fabric adorned by guests at society events popularly called aso ebi is more ubiquitous than ever. With many claiming that celebrants exploit guests by charging far too high for low-quality fabric, making unthinkable profits and not living up to their promises at the ceremonies, we sought views of party goers.

And here are the views of some sampled on aso ebi prices and quality…

Below are their responses…


Babalola Rachael 

It is getting more expensive and the most painful things are that they won’t give you good quality and the price is too high. I have even made up my mind that I am not going to buy any Aso ebi again.


Martin’s Ibiyemi

They is no Aso ebi of N2000, I think it has a fixed price like N2,500, N3000 and is getting higher because people want to sell Aso ebi and have their own profit.


Chika Udogu

It’s getting expensive really. Imagine someone putting up a material for N25k, that is a whole lot of money to drop for one uniform. I like the idea of Aso ebi. However, when it starts to become a financial burden or people feel pressured to take part, in my own opinion, that is a step too far.


Adeboye Abeebu

Aso ebi, for me, is not getting high. I think it depends on what they are selling and the calibre of person that wants to sell it. For instance, if you are buying cloth from rich people you don’t need to expect something cheap. But if you’re buying from average people, then you can see aso ebi of N1,500, N2000, N2,500 and the highest is N3,000 for Ankara. So I don’t think it’s getting cheaper or expensive.


Mr Jrimaya

Yes, it’s getting very expensive because people are ready to sell cloth for N50,000 and the funniest part is that, the cloth is not worth it. In terms of quality, and people don’t have a choice than to buy.


Mrs Agbeleye Bunmi

It is getting more expensive and it is not quality as it used to be before. People were just selling it, in order to have money to prepare food for their invites.


Jayeola Dada

It is getting expensive compared to before when they sell materials for N5000. Now it has being sold for N25k  and it is not even of high quality like before. But I don’t put blame on those who sell cloth but I only put blame on the manufacturer who produced fake materials.


Olanihun Mojeed

It’s really getting expensive because I can remember the last cloth I bought for N25k and when we checked the price, it was sold for N15k. Imagine the gain they put on it.


Mercy Idowu

It is getting more expensive, unlike the previous years. The rate at which prices of Aso ebi is increasing is alarming. Maybe it’s because of the situation of the country but even at that we hustle to get the money and at the end, we will be given poor quality fabrics.


– Shukurat Alimi for encomium




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