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Are sanitary pads and tampons affordable

Women’s monthly flows means a great deal to them and they would do everything in preparation for it. Gone are the days when they use clothes and tissues to collect the flow. Today, there are more than enough to use when the topic is menstruation. With a handful of sanitary towels/pads brands, coupled with diverse brands of tampons, menstrual flow just got easier and less embarrassing. With the fact that you don’t have to check and check when wearing these pads and tampons, technology has gotten the ladies’ back too. While you line the pads on the panties to use, the tampons are inserted, thereby making it easier for even those who don’t wear pants.

 However, the prices vary. While sanitary pads seem cheaper, the tampons are a bit on the high side with brands like Tampax, Playtex, Organyc, o.b, Natracare, Maxin, Puristic, emerita, Seventh Generation. TOTM (Time Of The Month) and other numerous brands selling at nothing less than a thousand naira. spoke with ladies on whether these sanitary pads and tampons are affordable.

 Below are their views


Enitan Tobi

I use Tampon, Tampax to be precise. To me, it’s affordable because it’s just N2,400 and there are 16 in it. That 16 can last me 3-4 months. So, how would I say it’s not affordable. Aside from being affordable, it’s good for people like me who don’t wear pants. Once I insert it, I’m on the go. It’s very affordable.


Bamidele Abosede

Sanitary pads are more affordable than tampons. With as small as N500, even N300, you will get a pack. Unlike tampons which on most cases don’t sell less than N2000, how many people can afford that?. To me, sanitary towels are more comfortable, maybe because I am used to it. I can’t imagine myself inserting something deep down like that.


Onyeka Alice

Both sanitary pads and tampons are affordable, depending on your pocket and the brand you use. But personally, I will go for sanitary pads because I don’t like tampons, I feel it will fall off.


Abegunde Titilayo

I think sanitary pads are more affordable. As for me, I use Ladycare which was formerly N250, now N400 or N350. But there are other brands which are lesser and affordable. Brands like Diva which has 2 sanitary towels in the pack. It’s just N70 or at most, N100. At least any lady should be able to afford that.


Imhalue Sarah

I can’t really say if tampons are affordable because I think it’s based on individual’s choice. Why will I spend like N2,000 on a monthly period that won’t exceed 5days?  There are various types of sanitary pads that one can get at an affordable rate and they are comfortable as well.  I sell them, Always duo is between N700/650, Always normal is N400, Ladycare is N300, Always classic is N300, Joyland or Soft or Diva is N80 for a pair. Those are quite affordable. Even when you are not prepared, you can always get these smaller packs for as little as N100.


– Azeezat Kareem



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