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Are you good in bed? Men reveal bedroom secrets (2)

Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both parties, but some guys can spoil the fun because they are not good in the act.
This week, we sampled opinions of men to know if they are good in bed and why they think they are good.

Akin Oye

How wouldn’t I be good in bed? I am man enough to do that. It also serves as exercise. I am not a two minutes man.

I last long in bed, I don’t just come every two minutes. I ensure I catch my fun well, my fore play antics is also fantastic.

It is natural, I didn’t learn it from anywhere.


Shola Oluwatosin

Yes, I am. I don’t think any man will tell you he is not good in bed.

My girl told me, she made a comparison between me and her former boy friend and said I a good.

The styles I practice is  second to none. I enjoy scissors a lot, I am an expert in that game. I can boast about it.

I learnt it from blue movies, my first girl friend used to complain bitterly, so I had to educate myself.


Ayo Ayobami

I am good in bed, why not? I think every man should be good in bed.

My manhood is quite large and every lady gets satisfied when we make love.

Like I said, my manhood is the main thing, large and long, filling as well.

It is natural. I used to be ashamed of exposing it when I was in school because guys stare at it too much. I didn’t do anything to it. God blessed me with it.


Taiye Olayiwuola

I shouldn’t blow my trumpet really, but I think I am.

I can go more than a round which I think is okay.

I go more than a round, I am very patient with my partner. I allow her to come as well before we can call it a day.

I didn’t learn it from anywhere.


Agbetusin Kayode

Yes, I am good in bed. Very good in bed.

I must have sex every other day, at least six days a week, even at times every day. It is just that my wife used to complain, but I know how I calm her down.

We practice different styles, I do buy blue movies for us to watch and we practice it. I don’t believe in looking outside, why can’t I do what I would go out to do with the woman I am legally married to.

From movies, but I make sure I keep them in such a way that my children wouldn’t see them.


Toyin Dada

I am man enough when it comes to that.

I last long in bed.

Foreplay takes the better part of the time before the real action. By then, my wife is already begging me to move to the final stage.

I am a man, I don’t have to learn it from anywhere.


Clifford Nwadike

Yes, I m good in bed.

My girl friend knows that and she tells me I am good.

I can last up to 40minutes.

I am not too versatile when it comes to different styles but whichever one I adopt is usually used well. I didn’t learn it anywhere.


Stanley Okafor

I am good in bed, even the guy that is not good would claim he is good.

I am not a two minutes noodles.

I last long in bed and I ensure my partner also gets to the climax.

I didn’t learn from anywhere.


Olowu Dayo

I am good in bed.

I know I am good, I don’t need anybody to tell me.

I practice more then one style when I am with my woman and I don’t do the missionary style, it is for old people.

Knowledge is available once you are ready to learn.


Fasube Biodun

I am good in bed. I last long in bed. I can stay up to 45 minutes before I come.

I didn’t learn it anywhere.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for




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