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Are you happy with your weight?

A lot of women hate to be fat. Once they notice any slight change in their weight, they work at it to bring it down to their desired kilogrammes. 

A woman can starve herself for days just to attain her desired weight.

This week, we spoke with some women about their weight and struggles.

Here are their responses…


Petra Okere

I am not happy with my weight. I am just too skinny. I like food and I eat well but I think a lot. I don’t have rest of mind. I worry over little things. My weight is 45 kg and I am 23 years old.


Esther Olufemi

No, I am not happy with my weight. I look okay, people admire my stature but I feel I am too fat. I am size 12, I really want to be size 10. I have been taking multivitamins lately and I have been overeating. I weigh 75 kg presently and I am 38 years.


Mrs. Foluke Salawudeen

I will say to a large extent I am okay as I am but I would love to slim down a bit. I eat moderately but will love to slim down a bit. I am 45 years and I weigh 92 kg.


Damola Amoo

I think I am okay. I am slim and petite. I wouldn’t like to be fatter than this, I am just okay. I am 35 kg and I am 21 years old.


Kafayat Momoh

I am not happy with my weight. I am just too slim. I am 40 kg, and I wish to be size 8 at least.  A lot of people abuse me that I am just too skinny. I am 22 years old.


Opeyemi Jimoh

I am okay with my weight. I am not too fat and not slim, I am just inbetween. I weigh 56 kg which is just perfect for me. I don’t have any struggle with my eating habits, I eat once or twice a day.


Alice Eniola

I am okay with my weight. The fact that I am not yet married and I am slim is perfect for me. My weight is 40 kg. I am 19 years.


Abimbola John

I am not okay with my weight. I have been taking birth control pill which has made me add weight. I wish I can stop but I am afraid so I wouldn’t take in. I weigh 97 kg. I was 70 plus before I started taking birth control pills. I am 39 years.


Mary Edet

I am okay with my weight but my stature is too small. I am short so most times I wear heels to make me look tall. I don’t over-eat so my weight is perfect. I weigh 59 kg and I am in my forties.


Jumoke Samuel

I am okay with my weight. I try not to over eat. Most times I don’t eat at night, just during the day and I take little food.

I weigh 70kg and I am 45 years.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 




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