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Aregbesola to blame for looming religious crisis in Osun – SDP

Osun state governor, Rauf Aregbesola should look in the mirror if he is looking for the cause of any fracas that might occur between the Muslim and Christian communities over the Hijab controversy, the Social Democratic Party, SDP in the state has said.

The party in a statement made available to said a religious crisis might be brewing with Christians and Masquerade worshippers now ready to send their children to school in their respective religious regalia.

“Mr. Rauf Aregbesola has only succeeded in one aspect of his plan, leaving the other end unattended to. He should be able to balance up the equation and if not, wonders may be witnessed in our various government secondary schools any moment from now which no one should be held responsible except Aregbesola.

“This simply means we should not blame the Christian leaders in the state for seeing a Christian student in a church outfit to school, or children of masquerade worshipers in his full regalia to their various schools. Also, plaiting the hair to schools by male students should not attract any punishment insofar the students are truly descendants of Sango – the thunder god.

“If he signs the court judgement, then the action is capable of creating religious crisis in the state. And the action by the governor can be seen as absolutely biased, inhumane, imbalanced and an infringement of human rights”.

It would be recalled that in 2013, similar scenario played out in a government secondary school in Iwo where Muslims, Christians and traditional worshipers were seeing dressed in their various religiously identified attires to the school assembly, a situation that nearly led to face-off in the school if not for the timely intervention of the security agents in the state.

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