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Armed robbers raid Lagos commissioner’s residence

Lagos state commissioner for Youths and Social Development, Pharm (Mrs.) Uzamat Akinbile-Yusuf is in pains. She was robbed of property and money worth of millions of naira by armed robbers who invaded her Olatunji Estate, Ajasa Command residence in the wee hours of Saturday, September 16, 2017.The two obbers were said to have scaled the fence, cut the ‘burglary proof’ in the kitchen to get into the main building.

They went straight into the master bedroom where the commissioner and her husbans were woken up.

The commissioner and her husband were tied up with a rope by the robbers before they ransacked the whole room and carted away foreign currencies and jewelry worth millions of naira. gathered that the robbers were so nice to the commissioner and her husband to the extent that they were asking them if the rope used in tying them was not too tight.

No arrest has been made but the commissioner’s guard/gateman has been a guest of the Lagos state Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) Ikeja, since the day of the incident.

Many questions are being asked on how the robbers entered the house by jumping the fence without the gateman knowing. Questions are also being asked on how the robbers knew where the master’s bedroom is located . gathered that when they broke into the main house, they went straight to the master bedroom, ignoring all other rooms on the way. 

There is also the question on why they decided to tie the guard after their nefarious activity on their way out.

The commissioner in her response to our enquiry confirmed the robbery, but said it was a minor and that she did not want any publicity.
– Tolani Abatti for 



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