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Artisans lament constant power outage


The epileptic supply of power in the nation is generating a lot of controversies. ENCOMIUM Weekly brings you artisans’ views on the constant power outage and how they have been coping.



Power distributors are not been helping matters at all. But thank God we hairdressers have our price list. Before, the price for using generator is higher than the national grid. The only difference now is that fuel is scarce. Apart from that, we are used to constant power outage in this area.


OLABISI (Bead maker)

I will not say they have been doing fine but for me, I do not use light often for my kind of work. I make beads and I seldom work at night, except I have an emergency work which I have to deliver very early the following morning, that is when I use light.

And once there is no light, I take the beads home and use my own generator.


ALONGE YEMISI (Photographer)

I am a photographer and I use light very well. In this country, if you learn a handwork and you are planning to stand on your own, while thinking of renting a shop, you should also think of getting a generator. That is the best way to save your business because they can be disappointing, we all know it. We are coping by God’s grace.


EMIOLA GRACE (Hairstylist)

It has not been easy. The epileptic power supply, coupled with fuel scarcity is slowing down the business. Sometimes, when customers want to do retouching and setting, if there is no light and I don’t have fuel in the generator, I will just tell them to go somewhere else. It’s so sad. At the end of the day, we will still have to pay for the light we did not use.


WASIU (Cobbler)

I am a shoemaker, I make perms and sandals. I don’t work at night but I target when there is light and I quickly make use of my machine. But in a case whereby there is no light a whole day or more, and I have work to deliver, then I use the generator.

If I don’t have fuel, I take my machine to the second street, my friend stays there.


OLUSHOLA FEMI (Fashion designer)

I am a fashion designer. I’ve not been coping well with the power outage these days. It makes me spend more. Whenever there is no light and I have to iron customers’ clothes, I make sure only the bulb and the iron are on, every other appliances are put off. It’s not really good to use iron on generator, but we do not have a choice.


OMOLEYE (Technician)

I am not really bothered about the constant power outage because I know that no official will bring any bill here. It is whatever I use that I pay for because I use the prepaid metre. I make aluminum windows and doors and to be successful at the business, you must have a generator, a standard one because most of the time when you have to work in a site where there is no light at all, you use your generator. So, I’m not really bothered.


ENGR. FRED (Civil engineer)

I am a civil engineer, we really don’t use light, so, I cannot really tell about it effecting my business but at home, it is very obvious that there will not be light for 2-3 days.



As an artisan, the situation of light in this country is really affecting us, we are not finding it easy due to the epileptic power supply and the hike in fuel price, we don’t have work at all. We are appealing to those in power to help us.



The economy is becoming too unbearable for me as an artisan, people are not patronizing us as expected, this is due to the epileptic power supply and fuel scarcity. I am not happy about it because no money is coming into the business at all.



Power supply in the country is not proper at all but since President Buhari has promised us 10,000 megawatts, we are grateful because our business as artisans require full power. As a matter of fact, we suffer to get fuel, the President should please come to our aid.



I am tired of this poor economic situation of this country. There is no fuel, no light and as matter of fact, the government should rise up and work for change, because our sector is suffering. Our business is going down.



We are spending a lot, as you can see the nature of my business, we need light but the fact is that we are not having steady light. The government should please help us so that we can run our business well.



As an artisan, the tools we use, the voltage are high and most time generator cannot power them, so we need light. Now, some tools can be powered by the generator but no fuel. Though, Kachuchwu said fuel issue is going to linger for two more months, we are hoping for a better Nigeria.


EBUKA (Fashion designer)

Some of us don’t have generator, so if there is no light we cannot work. It is not really easy for us, we are urging and pleading with Babatunde Fashola, the Minister of Power, we are not finding it easy at all.


JIMOH (Welder)

Walahi! I am not finding it funny, the way they toy with light is not good, it is affecting our business, at the end you go to work without coming back with anything. My family will be waiting for money but no light for me to work. Most customers are not patient.


TOBI LAWRENCE (Technician)

The situation is hard to cope with. Power supply is not reliable here. We carry out our daily activities here with generator, now that fuel scarcity is hitting us hits harder, it’s very hard for us to satisfy our customers. We can’t even power the generator because filling stations here are not selling fuel, even those that sell, we buy at expensive rate, government should help us out.


CHRISTIANA MOMOH (Fashion designer)

I’m a fashion designer, my work is based on electricity to power my machines. Power supply is unstable, it a thug of war to get fuel these days. I must say it’s very hard to cope with this situation. We have pleaded with the government for help but nothing is working.


WASIU KEHINDE (Electrician)

I’m an electrician. To cope with the issue of petrol and power supply is very hard, these are two major aspects of every artisan, for effective delivery. For two weeks we have not had power supply in this area. We get fuel at N130, it’s frustrating.



The situation is not friendly, it been very hard since fuel scarcity hit Nigerians. Sometimes we will have to close our shop to hunt for fuel the whole day. I think the situation needs urgent attention. The Federal Government should help us out of this ugly situation.



I have my generator, I don’t wait for them to bring light before I can work. The situation of power in this country is getting worst. We have been suffering for fuel too. We are just managing, everything is turning upside down.



It is not easy at all, the supply is not encouraging at all. Likewise the fuel scarcity and this is part of my business. I am a fashion designer, it is affecting my business. We don’t know where we are going in this country. It’s only God that can help us.


ADEJUMOBI AZEEZAT (Fashion designer)

I don’t even want to discuss anything about this scarcity of fuel and the epileptic power supply. Imagine in this country, the three things that are important have now turned to something else. High price in dollar, scarcity of fuel, the epileptic power supply.

How do you expect us to live? If not because of God’s grace. We are tired with this situation, government should find solution to it.



I don’t really need power supply, but lets consider the other people who need the power supply, how are they going to run their business? No light, scarcity of fuel. Only God can help us in this country.



I use prepaid metre, I don’t bother about the constant power outage because I know that no official will bring me any bill. If not because of the scarcity of fuel, I don’t even think about it in as much I have my generator.

But now, I am just managing because I can do without light but I thank God, He’s by my side.


DIMEJI OMILEYE (Photographer)

If you ask how I have been coping, I will tell you I’s challenging. Yesterday, I spent the whole day at the filling station hunting for fuel at high cost. Power supply is worst in my area. It is making it very hard to satisfy my customers.


PAUL OKOJIE (Graphic artist)

I spend a lot on fuel nowadays. Power supply is not encouraging. Most times I go for black market because of the long queues at filling stations. It costs me extra. I’m upset. It very hard to cope in this situation.

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