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Artistes invade Felabration 2015 (2)


Despite passing on some 17 years ago, the legacy of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, the king of afrobeat music is such that cannot be erased.

The 2015 edition of Felabration, the annual international music festival held at the New Afrika Shrine, Ikeja, Lagos, to celebrate the Abami Eda was packed with excitement, energetic and unforgettable performances from various artistes.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with some of them on Friday, October 16, 2015…



Daddy Showkey

Daddy Showkey

It will take someone not younger than 20-something or 30-something years to truly appreciate the dread locked Showkey Baba. He was at the concert and paid homage to Fela’s legacies

How does it feel being here?

I thank God!

What can you say about Fela?

One word, Fela was a great man!

What do you think it says about Fela that many years after he passed on, he is still being celebrated?

In life, if you lay a solid foundation and influence people positively, they will immortalise you after you’ve passed on. That’s what you are seeing play out here. Fela’s legacy cannot be erased, it keeps getting stronger



Since returning from the United Kingdom (UK), JJC has sought to replicate his overseas success back home; he spoke with us before his uber energetic performance on the night…

jjcHow does it feel being at this year’s Felabration?

It feels good to be here. I’ve attended every edition since I came back to Nigeria. I’m so happy to be here again.

How much do you look forward to Felabration?

Felabration is something that all artistes in Nigeria look forward to. Fela was a man that made history and did amazing stuffs with his music and his life.

How much has Fela influenced you as an artiste?

Fela has had a huge influence, that’s why I did songs like We Are Africans. Songs that talk about Nigeria, our people – Fela has been a big influence.

What are you working on currently?

My album titled Skillz is out there, go get it! Also, I have some new artistes I’m to sign on next year, look out for that.


OGOCHUKWU,  Violinist

In the midst of singers, rappers and dancers, Ogochukwu, a young man in love with his violin gave an unforgettable performance as he played along to popular Nigerian tunes…

1-DSC_0481You had a wonderful performance tonight, how does that feel?

It feels amazing! Fela was a great musician, he loved live music. I knew I was coming to a place where the violin is new, but the response to when I did the popular songs was amazing.

Tell us about yourself and your kind of music?

I’m a violinist, and I’ve been playing for about 10  years, and it’s been awesome. I came into the industry to do this type of music on the violin after Nigeria’s Got Talent reality show. I finished in second place.

What are you working on?

I’ll be having collaborations with different acts like the one you just saw with Ehosa, a great spray printer and very good friend. We’re working together. Expect great stuffs from me from collaborations, jingles, covers, expect more.

If I meet you for the first time, what would you tell me about you?

I’m a musician, and I do great music with the violin. Music is what I do, music is what I live by.

-Do you really feel the Nigerian music audience will welcome your style?

Of course, everybody will welcome something different. Everybody loves something new and different. I get great responses, and it’s encouraging.


M MARSHALL,  budding act

M Marshall, real name, Adetunji Ayinde Marshall, the son of the maestro, K1 De Ultimate whose career is still in the fledgling phases also talked passionately about Fela, his music, uniqueness and the influence of his Fuji music ace father…

1-DSC_0610That was an energetic performance!

Yeah, it was amazing, I loved my time on stage. The crowd didn’t really know the song, but they felt the performance. I know after tonight, they won’t forget the face and the song.

How does it feel being here?

It’s like the Grammys; it’s like Madison Square Garden for a ball player. It’s the best stage to be on! If you’re here, after tonight, you’re never the same person.

What can you say about Fela?

Fela’s an icon, he’s legendary. He’s someone who spoke from his heart, no sugar-coated words. He was not afraid, and his message cut across even beyond Africa.

How has he influenced your music?

He has influenced me to be more creative and to talk about things other people don’t readily talk about like the situation of the country and how much better we can become.

What kind of music do you do and what do you have on your hands now?

I do Afro hip hop. I just dropped the video for Loke, which was shot by Unlimited LA in South Africa. I’ll be releasing the video for the first song I performed tonight next week (this week); after that I’ll be releasing another song entitled Obama.

What’s the idea behind the Obama song?

It’s to let people know that you are a boss, no matter what you do. You are a boss in your own way and don’t let anybody look down on you. You might not be a star, but you are a boss, no matter your hustle, you are Obama! Obama is the president of America, the strongest nation in the world, he’s like the king of the world! So, you are Obama!

Sometimes, artistes want to climb on the shoulder of their famous parents to achieve success, are you towing that line?

There’s no way I can run from that fact, that’s my genesis! The Bible has a genesis. He’s my father and I won’t shy away from that. But my music is a reflection of me, what I do, what I’ve been through and what I plan to do. I don’t want people to listen to my music because I’m K1’s son, rather I want people to listen to my music because it’s great!


XCAPE,  rap act

1-1-DSC_0465This University of Lagos student is going from strength to strength; last year he emerged best indigenous rapper on campus; this year, he’s on the Felabration stage…

How was your performance?

My performance was great, the crowd really loved me and what I’ve got to offer. It was a wonderful experience for me.

What can you say about Felabration?

Felabration keeps getting better every year, some things happened this year that didn’t last year. So, it’s going from strength to strength. Every artiste looks forward to performing at Felabration, it’s a unique event, it’s celebrating the Abami Eda. I call him the prophet, the seer.

Tell us about yourself and your music?

I’m an indigenous rap artiste. I just dropped a song, titled no wire, no light. I’m looking forward to shooting the video and releasing that as well.


POSLY TD,  rap act

Many young people now believe they can sing or rap seeing that the industry has become very lucrative and glamorous. But some are not deluded, they are truly talented. One of such is Posly TD…

posly tdHow was your performance?

It was nice, we lit up the place like we do every time we go on stage.

How does it feel being at Felabration 2015?

It feels good, it’s my second time here and I’m feeling like a family member. I did great last year, but I did better this time, I think a lot more people know me now than last year because I’ve been working.

How much influence has Fela had on you as an artiste?

He inspired me a lot, he’s influenced my music a great deal. I’m a part of this right now, so it’s only right that I pay my dues.

What do you have on your hands now?

I just shot the video for my song with Pasuma, and that’s what I’m pushing right now. I had to rap in Yoruba, I don’t usually do that. I have a mixtape as well. I can’t tell you all of it, we’ll be here all night.

What has the year been like for you?

It’s been great! I’ve been working all year and people are getting to know me more. The hardwork is beginning to pay off.


KARMA,  rap act

1-Fullscreen capture 10212015 120734 PMAt first look, you can tell Karma (the self-styled half man, half rapper) is a rap act. He has the quintessential confidence, swag and style of rappers; in short, he oozes the rap/hip-hop culture…

How much do you look forward to Felabration?

Felabration is a wonderful experience for me, I used to come as a fan and struggle to the front to chop knuckle with Femi Kuti, and now I stand on stage to give people knuckles. It’s an awesome experience, it’s a transition for me. I always try never to miss it.

How much influence has Fela had on you as a musician?

Fela painted a picture in my life as a musician that so many people would not understand. Fela was a pioneer, he’s more than a human being! Fela said music is a weapon of the future, and that can’t be more true now.

What do you have on your hands now?

Right now, I have a new video for my song Islander featuring Olamide which just came out. Watch out for my mixtape also.


-Interviews by MICHAEL NWOKIKE

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