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At last, Shebaby apologizes to Kemi Afolabi


Ariyo Oluwasegun (She-baby) has become more of a household name as she is known for her role in movies. She is also a singer with her hit track Tell me why featuring Alabi Pasuma.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the producer and entrepreneur on her career and she has this to say.


What is going on your stable at the moment?

Right now, about two, three weeks ago, I released my new singles titled Champion. I featured the music Taliban, Oritsefemi on that track. Dre San produced it, the Shoki crooner.

P-mine mixed it. Also, we shot the video here in Lagos state.

The video is on YouTube, so, for now, I am promoting my new release Champion.

Acting wise, what’s the latest about you?

Few months ago, I released a movie, Aye Alaye from the stable of She-baby production, which had a parade of a whole lot of movie stars. Right about now, there is a project we are working on, Aye Ajoji and that’s going to be a soap opera due to lot of market challenges we’ve been facing in recent times. So I decided to use this as a soap opera, let people watch it on terrestrial T.V. and subsequently, we will also release another movie, Opin Ore.

Talking about your new movie Aye Alaye, why is it not everywhere?

Oh my! It is now. It was released last year, I can’t say the month precisely. I also launched it, I had a movie premiere at R&B Hotel. The movie is out, part one and two. Even on YouTube, you can see thousands of viewers that have already watched it.

About the entertainment industry, what’s your take?

Right about now, we are really trying compared to when I left the industry some years ago. I left the industry, you know, I had a baby and all that. So, because of so many things that happened in the past, I left the industry for a while. And when I came back, I didn’t meet the same industry as I left it.

A whole lot of things has changed about the industry.

Talking about music, it’s not as it used to be when you have your audio that all the presenters on radio stations, you know and the DJs are willing to help you promote it without asking for a dime. But now on the contrary, what we have now is that if you don’t even have money, you can’t promote your job and which means corruption is everywhere.

On a good day, before, you just appreciate them with whatever you have, but now, they will bill you. If you don’t have this, we can’t play this. Even TV houses. So it’s a kind of difficult to even, you know, it’s another thing to have a good job and it’s another thing to even promote it and I think it’s really killing the industry.

But the industry has really moved very far, fast unlike what we used to have six, seven years ago when I released Tell me why with Pasuma back then. The picture quality of music video has really, because the equipment we use to shoot now is weird, u know, compared to what we used to have. A whole lot of things have really changed positively in the entertainment industry.

Few months ago, we heardabout a rift between you and you colleague, Kemi Afolabi. What’s the case like now, have you guys settled?

Yeah, official, we have settled because on her birthday, I just thought that okay, let me just send her this beautiful message. Actually, we fought, but the press exaggerated it, fans came in between us. But at the end of the day, we are still a big family which is Nollywood. I appreciate her as a friend and I swallowed all my words, I take them back, I am sorry. I actually had to apologize to her openly, that I am sorry. You know, she was really impressed, because my kind of person, I will rather just let it go, I will just walk away, I won’t talk about it again, I will not talk to the person.

For me to actually go on her Instagram page and put on this post. You know, she commented on it and all that. Also, her own humility too is worth emulating, I will say that. So, about three days ago, I saw her at an event, we talked.

Did you do that willingly or was there anyone who came…

(Cuts in)No, we already apologized on the net. So, when I saw her coming, she was just smiling and I was smiling too. I had to stand up to greet her and we hugged each other and I also apologised. She was like no, no, no, that it’s okay.

Your life as a married actress, what can you say about it?

A whole lot of things because when you’re single, you can’t compare it to when you are married, when you are under a man, your kid, lot of responsibility. So my marriage now, with my kid, do assignment with her, do a whole lot of things, take her out and all that.

So, one way or the other, it will really affect the time you, sometimes you suppose to hang out with friends, go to shows, do so many things and all that. You have to be at home to cook, you have to take care of the family and all that. But thank God, at least it’s a privilege.

We have been hearing about crashes in celebrity marriages for a while now, what do you think is responsible for this?

In the kind of generation we are today, the kind of world we are today, I think it’s everywhere. It’s not even about celebrities, it’s everywhere, even in other sectors, in medical sector, in engineering, everybody. One way or the other, they are experiencing what we call that breakup. But it is being pronounced because it’s celebrities. Whatever their lifestyle, everything is being put on social media, so I can’t really say the cause. But majorly, I think domestic violence is one of the causes of whatever is breaking marriages.


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