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At the traditional wedding of Doris Amana and Paul Green

The joy of Chief Edet Amana, a renowned engineer and that of his wife, Lady Hilda Edet Amana knew no bound on Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22, 2015, when their daughter, Doris did her introduction and traditional marriage rites respectively.

Doris’s husband is her heartthrob of many years, Paul Green, who came all the way with his parents and friends from Whitehaven, Cambria, England to Oron in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria for the joyous occasion.

The traditional wedding held at E-3 Event Centre, Oron, Akwa Ibom State, had in attendance who-is-who in the state. The couple and their parents in these interviews speak about their joy…


‘My husband’s sense of humour attracted him to me’ – DORIS GREEN (Bride)

Congratulations on your traditional wedding…

Doris Edet Amana

Doris Edet Amana

Thank you very much!

How do you feel today?

I feel happy, I feel exhilarated, I feel very excited because I am joining a new family and they are also joining my family as well.

How did you meet your husband?

I have always lived in London where I had my education. We actually met through a mutual friend. We knew each other and both of us just happened to be at the right place at the right time. The rest is history.

What was the attraction?

I think he is cool, compassionate, has a very kind nature and a sense of humour.

What was the parents’ reaction when he introduced you?

It was wonderful. I felt like part of the family immediately. They are very kind.

What are you going to miss most now that you are married?

I don’t see myself living my family. I see myself as gaining another family.

And your wish for this union…

Peace, love, patience, laughter and understanding.


‘My wife’s gentle nature attracted me’ – PAUL GREEN (Groom)

Congratulations once again on your traditional marriage?

Paul Green

Paul Green

Thank you very much!

How did you meet your wife?

We met in London through a mutual friend.

What was the attraction?

It was her calm, homely and gentle nature.

You dated for how many years?

We dated for six years and we found we had same thing in common. Here we are.

What was your family’s reaction when you introduced her to them?

Everybody welcomed her. The chemistry just jelled

Since you arrived Nigeria, what was your impression?

Sincerely, I was blown away by their friendly, welcoming and loving nature. This is my first time in Nigeria and the continent of Africa. I feel excited that I found love in such an amazing place.

What is your wish for this marriage?

To keep loving each other for the rest of our lives.

How many children do you plan to have?

As many as we want.


‘SHE IS GENTLE’ – Mr. John Green (Groom’s father)

John Green

John Green

Congratulations on your last son’s traditional marriage?

Thank you very much!

How do you feel today?

I am excited and elated to witness the marriage of my last son.

How would you describe Doris?

She is a wonderful girl, gentle, calm and homely.

What was your reaction the day your son introduced her to you as his future partner?

I really liked her the first day she came to my house. I love her calm, friendly and gentleness. Again, my grand-children who hadn’t met her before fell in love with her immediately.

And what is your impression about Nigeria and Nigerians?

We live in London and we are so used to and seen many Nigerians. And since we arrived, we have been having a swell time. Lagos is a bit chaotic but we felt at home in Uyo because it is like central France.

And your wish for them?

To be happy together in love, peace and harmony.


‘Doris is natural’ – MRS. MAUREEN GREEN (Groom’s Mother)

Congratulations on the wedding of your last son…

Maureen Green

Maureen Green

Thank you very much!

How do you feel today?

I feel very happy and excited today.

What is your impression about Africa and Nigeria?

Honestly, it is awesome. We had a wonderful time. Everybody is wonderful. Very hospitable, welcoming and friendly.

What was your reaction the day Paul introduce Doris as his future partner?

Like any mother, you must be able to assess the girl that wants to marry your son. Any mother would feel that. But I am absolutely delighted in Paul choosing Doris.

What attracted you the first day she stepped into your house?

She is beautiful, calm, gentle and friendly.  She looks so natural. She is such a lovely girl.

And your wish for them in this marriage?

I wish them love, peace, happiness and beautiful things of life in this marriage. And of course, to give me more grand-children.


’MY DAUGHTER IS A WONDERFUL LADY’ – Lady Hilda Edet Amana (Bride’s mother)

Hilda Edet Amana

Hilda Edet Amana

How do you feel today celebrating your daughter?

I feel on top of the world today.

How would you describe Doris?

She is a wonderful, peace loving lady. Words are enough to describe and qualify her. She is kindhearted both right from the inside and outside. She is going to be a good wife and mother.

What was your reaction the day she introduced a white man as her husband?

Oh my God! We have many of them that are married to foreigners. We are all human beings. And wherever they find love and peace, we support them. We don’t have problem with our children marrying foreigners provided they find happiness.

Honestly, the first time I set my eyes on Paul, I fell in love with him because he is such a homely person. I know he would give my daughter love as a wonderful man. Paul is not a son-in-law but a son in Oron because once you are married to our daughters you become our sons.

Your wish for the couple…

For them to live in peace and happy. To enjoy God’s favour. They will live together and see their children children in good health. I love them and I wish them well.


‘I SEE PAUL AS A SON THAN SON-IN-LAW’- Chief Edet Amana (OON) (Bride’s father)

Chief Edet Amana

Chief Edet Amana

How do you feel giving out your daughter in marriage?

I am on top of the world today as a father celebrating the union of my daughter to her heartthrob, Paul from Britain. I feel excited as a father. This is the first leg. The church wedding is taking place in London next year by the grace of God.

How would you describe Doris?

She is calm, kindhearted, compassionate and a very caring lady. She is a replica of her late mother both in nature and character. To summarise it, she is a wonderful lady.

What was your reaction when she introduced a foreigner as her fiancé?

To me, it is not a big deal. I spent 10 years in England where I was trained as an engineer. And Doris has lived both her formative and adult life in the UK where she had her education. She studied Economics at University of London and currently works as a banker.

I wasn’t surprised when she brought home Paul.  Paul is a wonderful and amazing human being. I have no doubt that he is going to be a wonderful husband to my daughter. And now that he is married to my daughter he has become my son.

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