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Attack on Tinubu tears Adeniji Adele’s family apart (2): ‘My father is on his own’ -Hon. Sultan adeniji-Adele

Your father said your rejoinder and that of your brother-in-law to his paid advertorial on Thursday, Janiuary 22, 2015, was inconsequential because you people did not deny what he wrote but left the message to attack the messenger.  What is your response to this?

I will never attack my father.  Maybe Ayodele Adewale did.  I can’t attack my father.  I just let him know that his views are not mine because we belong to the same party.  I let him also know that I am in total support of the ideals of the party and what the party stands for.

Did you tell your dad before you went ahead to publish your rejoinder of Sunday, January 25, 2015?

He didn’t tell me before he went to publish his. I just told him he was going to hear from me.  But I did not attack him. In the publication, I stated clearly that his views were different from mine.  We may have joined the party at the same time but we are different individuals.  What I believe might not be what he believes.  My name is Sultan Adeniji-Adele and his own name is Ademola Adeniji-Adele.  He might be my father but we have different views.  That is why I did the rejoinder and I copied Asiwaju and the party and other leaders of the party.

What is your take on what your father wrote about Asiwaju Tinubu?

I have said that is his personal view.  That is why I debunked it.  I don’t see Asiwaju in the manner he painted him.  Although he did not mention his name but a lot of people know he was referring to Asiwaju.  I don’t see Asiwaju in that manner.  This is somebody who has done a lot for the state and the party.

When you published your rejoinder on Sunday, January 25, 2015, did he or any member of your family call you?

Yes, he called me and I told him that is my view.  All other family members called me too and I told them the same thing.  And I think it is good enough for him to respect my view.  As I told him on the phone, Asiwaju has given someone like me an opportunity to become the youngest member of House of Assembly. One, that is a plus to the family and a plus to Lagos State as a whole.  It is the same party that Asiwaju founded that has given me such an opportunity.  Anyway, when I saw the publication (of his father), I wasn’t happy about it.

Basically, I can never attack my father.  I respect him a lot but that does not mean we share the same view on issues.

Maybe he was referring to the rejoinder of his son-in-law (Comrade Ayodele Adewale).


But is your father no longer a member of APC?

As at the last time I checked, he was still a member of APC.  I have heard a lot of people telling me he has defected to PDP.  I told them it is not true.  This same PDP had rubbished him and it was in APC that he found succor.  He is a member of APC till tomorrow.  As I am talking to you now, he remains a member of APC.  So, discountenance any rumour that he is no longer a member of APC.

What do you think is the way forward between your father and Asiwaju?

Asiwaju and my father have been friends for a very long time.  They know how to resolve the issue.  I don’t want to be involved.  I just want the party to know I am very much loyal to it.  They’ve been political associates for a very long time.  They know how to go about resolving their differences.  It is just between both of them.  That is why I don’t see the reason why Ayodele Adewale would use the newspaper to attack his father-in-law.  He shouldn’t have involved himself in the first place.  They are friends and political associates, they will find a way of resolving the issue.

Are you saying you do not agree with what Comrade Ayodele Adewale wrote in his own rejoinder?

Not that I did not agree with his rejoinder.  But Ayodele Adewale is not in the position to say all those things.

All those things he wrote about your father?

Yes.  As a Yoruba you must give respect to your in-laws.  As a well mannered person, you must give respect to your in-laws.  Your in-laws are like your parents.  The respect you accord your parents are the respect you will accord your in-laws.

I am not saying Ayodele was not right in what he said but it shouldn’t have been him saying it.  He is part of the family.

Did you call Ayodele Adewale to tell him this?

No, I have not called him.

What about his wife, who happens to be your sister, have you called her to register your opinion?

I see my sister almost every day.  She too did not like what my father has done and she is in support of whatever I did.

Don’t you see your father’s comment affecting your chances in the forthcoming election?

That is why I did a rejoinder and I said we are two different people.  My name is Sultan and my father’s name is Demola.  He has his own personal views and I have mine.  That is why I let people know I did not share his views.

Has anybody in the cause of your campaign accosted you based on what your father said about Asiwaju?

Yes, they have and I let them know where I stand. I told them point blank that my dad is on his own.

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