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Attraction? How to know if someone is into you


Dating Guru, James Preece and Ciao Dating app founder, Alexander Ziff, explain several signs someone is interested in you. If you notice these signs, love could be on the tabs.

If someone is interested in you, they get touchy when they are with you. They unintentionally place their hands on your arm or by moving their chair closer to you.

Blinking too much when you talk is also a sign that they like you. The eyes dry out much faster from prolonged eye contact – combined with excitement which  causes one to blink too much.

Men also often talk too much if they were interested in a woman.  When someone fancies you, they notice everything about you – from change in hairstyles to dress mode. And they never forget to comment.

Anyone who is interested in you might sometimes play hard to get. They don’t want to appear too aggressive because that might turn you off.

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