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‘Augustsecrets’ meal plan is the solution mothers have been waiting for


Augustsecrets is Toyin Onigbanjo’s book launched on Saturday, June 10, 2017, at Best Western Hotel, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. The launch was attended by those who matter the most and it was a huge success.
ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the author, Toyin Onigbanjo.

Few years down the lane, how would you describe the journey?
I can say its been a rewarding and challenging one too. Having to cope with all challenges of keeping up a family and running a venture as this.
How rewarding is it for you?
I must say the job has made me meet with a lot of moms. I also earn money to meet some of my daily needs apart from my salary. I am grateful to God while hoping for more.
How do you draw inspiration for each food art work you do?
I always put myself in the position of the child. When cooking for children; we must always remember that we also were once like them. It has to make them smile, then they will love to eat. I also make food art for companies to promote their products.
Why are some children picky eaters?
The major reason children end up as picky eaters is that we as parents don’t explore food enough. An average mother is alright with cooking rice and stew all day. While the baby needs other foods like mashed potatoes, steamed carrots and so on. There is also an over-reliance on imported baby food, most of which have just one sweet taste. By the time the children are grown and we want to introduce healthier food to them, it may be too late.
Tell us about your book August Secrets Meal plan book.
The Augustsecrets Meal Plan Book is the solution that the Nigerian mother has been waiting for. Most mothers are clueless on what healthy food to give their children, so they end up just serving any food while the child remains undernourished. The book is a complete 5-year guide on feeding children, so we are happy about that.
We hope to give out some copies to orphanages and NGOs to spread the gospel of good nutrition for children under 5.
Where can mothers get the book?
It’s available online for now, mothers can follow us on Facebook, twitter, instagram, we can hook up from there. Just find Augustsecrets on any of those social media platforms.


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