‘Awakeners Chapel is waxing strong’ – Pastor Peter Kayode

 PASTOR Peter Kayode Falarungbon is the Head Pastor of Awakeners Chapel International. He was the first Head Pastor of the Ghana branch of The Synagogue Church of All Nations before starting his own ministry.  He spoke to us on his ministry and sundry issues.

You had told us on phone before this interview that your former wife had passed on. How are you taking everything right now?

Honestly, I believe what the Bible says that everything works for the good of those who put their trust in God and believe. Though I went through painful experiences, humiliation and oppression, I have now realised that all what I passed through was an act of God and stages of life which I must overcome in order to fulfill my destiny. I learnt of my former wife’s demise through a phone call from Lagos, yesterday (Tuesday, February 25, 2014).  I pray that God grants her forgiveness and accept her. I have moved on in life and I am happy with my new-found love in Jesus Christ.

What about your new-found love in marriage also?

Let me say here that my new wife is God-sent. God used her to be a source of protection for me in Ghana. She is a Ghanaian. All efforts to get me deported back to Nigeria, which was orchestrated by some powerful enemies, proved abortive because she did not allow herself to be manipulated. Several calls of threats were made to her. Even her parents were also warned to instruct her to leave me, because according to them, her life was not safe. Thank God, today, she has a beautiful girl for me and I feel so fulfilled.

Have you fully reconciled with your parents and siblings?

Yes, after I reconciled myself with God and also forgave myself for all my wrong-doings knowingly or unknowingly, God gave me the grace to return to Nigeria to visit my mother and siblings. Don’t forget that my family’s reaction towards me including the total separation of my former wife, who was living with Pastor T. B. Pastor in the church in Lagos, while I was in Ghana building his ministry, prompted my departure from The Synagogue of All Nations. On my return to my family, they accepted me back as one of them and ever since we have been getting in touch regularly.

How is your ministry, Awakeners Chapel International in Ghana?

As the name implies, Awakeners Chapel International is a worship centre for all believers. It is a non-denominational ministry where we take the church out of church to meet people and their needs; the major mandate is to awaken people generally. Those who are under Satan’s oppression and manipulation, we ordained, to wake them up and accept the true worship of God in freedom and liberty. Also with true miraculous signs and wonders which come from God, the ministry keeps waxing strong and viable. It is also much more so because it is Jesus himself who founded the church.

Do you hope to have a branch in Nigeria?

I am a soldier of Christ. Jesus himself is the commander. Wherever he leads me I will go. I have been waiting for the command. Now I have received the signal to awaken my fellow Nigerians, who are still under the bondage of Satan. I am coming very soon to establish a branch of Awakeners Chapel in Nigeria

Have you also forgiven TB Joshua for putting your marriage asunder by keeping your wife in Lagos branch and sending you to Ghana?

Jesus Christ urged all believers to forgive those who offend them so that God in heaven can also forgive. Since I am not a saint; I am a sinner yet God forgives my sins and gives me his spirit, it is expedient of me to forgive others, including T. B. Joshua from my heart. I have moved on with my life. I will be an ingrate if I fail to forgive him, considering what God had done for me. I clocked 56 years on Friday, February 28.

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