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AYUBA, Manager Part Ways

–    Moves into ultra-modern office

THE long-standing business relationship between Bonsue Fuji creator, Dr. Adewale Ayuba and his manager, Yemi Boga has hit a brickwall.

ENCOMIUM Weekly findings revealed that the duo decided to part ways following the latter’s decision to go into dry-cleaning business.

ayuba2“They parted ways amicably,” said a close friend to Mr. Johnson, as Ayuba is fondly called, adding, “Yemi has ventured into dry cleaning business.”

Confirming the news to ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, September 27, 2013, Ayuba said, “It’s true.  We’ve stopped working together but he’s still my good brother.  I have a new booking manager called Ajibola Salaudeen.”

Meanwhile, the versatile singer has relocated his office from Opebi Road, Ikeja to an ultra-modern one at Akin Oshoyemi Street, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.  We also learnt that he has signed a new artiste called TM 9ja into his Bonsue Fuji Band.

The Ikenne-Remo, Ogun born songwriter said, “It’s part of restructuring my brand.  Apart from the fact that my former office didn’t have enough parking space, I want to take fuji music to the next level and I needed a bigger place to achieve this.

“In my new office, I run three companies.  The first handles all Ayuba parties, social and government publicity.  The second company is in charge of Ayuba recording, where you can buy all authentic works of Ayuba, and we’ve just signed a new artiste called TM 9ja on the label.  He featured in my song with rapper, Vector.  The third company handles all my bookings.”

Ayuba’s plan is to see fuji music more appealing to the young and old irrespective of the status.

According to him, “This has been my campaign from the beginning of my career.  That’s why you see that my brand of fuji is distinct.  Fuji artistes are not treated the way the hip-hop are treated, and it’s because of our packaging.

“I want to see fuji artistes as headliners at events, concerts.  I want to see a situation where each track in our songs will not exceed 4-5 minutes, just like other genres, instead of singing endlessly.  I want to start the standardization proper and I believe others will emulate me.”

Adewale Ayuba stormed the industry in 1980 with the release of Ibere (the beginning).  He came into limelight after dropping Bubble in 1991 and by 2000, his name and kind of fuji music became global when he dropped a mega-hit album, Turn me on.  His other songs include Acceleration, Fuju Dub, Fuji Time and Mr. Johnson Play For Me, where he got his alias, Mr. Johnson.

The multiple-award winning singer said, “First, I want to thank God for sparing my life to be here today.  To still be there and relevant after 30 years is not a joke, I am thankful to God.  Then, my parent especially my mom who always pray for me.  God really answered their prayers for me.”




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