Babcock University’s overall best student Daniella Uzoamaka reveals her success secret

Uzoamaka Daniella is Babcock University’s overall best graduating student with GPA of 4.86.

The Public Administration graduate in this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, said diligence and good mentorship did the trick…

How does it feel being the Babcock’s overall best graduating student?

I thank God, it feels good.

What would you say is the secret of your success?

First, it’s God, He was the inspiration behind everything. He was the inspiration behind my hard work and diligence. Then having good friends to encourage you is also important, and then if you also have good mentors. For me, they were my lecturers and my pastors.

How long did you study?

My course was for four years and I spent four years.

How do your parents feel about this success?

I believe they are excited because I’m also excited.

Was there a time that you felt you couldn’t make it, what really happened?

Yes, there were times. At some point, I got discouraged. I took ill and sometimes I felt I couldn’t push forward anymore. But I thank God for His word because it says that “We should trust in Him with all our heart and we should see Him in all our ways, He will guide us. So, God’s guidance for me was a serious support.

What kept you going?


How were you able to cope with Babcock tough rules and regulations?

All you have to do is tell yourself, it’s only for a short while, enjoy the best you can and endure what you feel you don’t like.

What is the next thing after Babcock?

The next thing after Babcock is to go for my masters and have more knowledge, impact my society by having an NGO, even to the last project I intend to pursue.

What is your name and department?

My name is Uzoamaka Daniella and I read Public Administration.

Tell us about your background?

I’m from Imo state. I live and grew in Lagos. I’m a Christian and I love God so much.


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