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Babington Macaulay School abduction and rescue drama

-13 facts you should know

Governor of the good people of Lagos, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode was ecstatic on Sunday, March 6, 2016, as the three abducted students of Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary, Ikorodu (Lagos) were rescued early that morning. Returned hale and hearty, Lagosians were excited at the prompt rescue with many breaking into a dance of jubilation.

Here are some details of the abduction and rescue…

  1. Three girls – Timilehin Olosa, Tofunmi Popoola and Deborah Akintayo – from Babington Macaulay Junor Seminary, Ikorodu, Lagos were abducted at 8 pm on Monday, February 29, 2016.
  2. They were rescued on Sunday, March 6, 2016, morning in Imota area of Ikorodu by over 500 security agents.
  3. After their abduction by 12 men who came in eight canoes with seven AK47 rifles, they were first taken to the other side of the river by the school, in Adams forest (Lagbusi community).
  4. The kidnapping job was brought by one of the men, Lamiameni, and Felix was the negotiator for ransom.
  5. From the forest, the girls were again moved to the creek between Ikorodu and Epe.
  6. The first break came for security agents on Friday. March 4, when Emmanuel Arigidi (one of the paraded suspects on Sunday, March 6, 2016) was sent to buy foodstuffs.
  7. He was arrested in Majidun area of Ikorodu with the huge foodstuffs, and broke down during interrogation. The 37 year old man confessed to being a member of the gang.
  8. After waiting for Arigidi for two days, the other members of the gang smelt trouble, and moved again to Igbo Okuta Bridge, Imota, Ikorodu.
  9. The well-plotted abduction also included possible hide-outs for the gang. And it was easy for Emmanuel Arigidi to trail his co-conspirators.
  10. Security agents also arrested family members of the suspects who eventually persuaded their children ro release the girls.
  11. The police claimed that no ransom was paid (the suspects demanded at first N200 million).
  12. Only three members of the gang – Emmanuel Arigidi, Felix and Lamiameni – have been identified. The other two paraded, Akanji Sheu and James Henry, are accomplices who mismanaged SIM registration for the abductors.
  13. The three girls are in good health, were never physically or sexually molested, police confirmed.

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