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Baby Ademurewa died of negligence at Ayodele Hospital, father cries

Hospital denies claim, ‘We did out best’


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Baby Ademurewa Gbadeyan, who passed on at Ayodele Medical Centre on February 6, 2016, after he was admitted for three hours, is still with the management of the hospital. The refusal to release baby Ademurewa’s corpse has led to further argument with the parents of the boy and owner of the hospital.

It was alleged that the baby was taken to Ayodele Hospital on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, for treatment as a result of teething fever. The boy was running temperature, but he was given injection to bring down the temperature and was discharged.

On Saturday morning, February 6, 2016, the temperature started rising again in the evening. The baby was taken  back to the General Hospital, Fagba, but because there was no bed space, the baby was referred to Ayinke Hospital in Ikeja,.

But considering the distance and traffic, the father decided to take him to a big private hospital around Fagba. That was how the baby was taken to Ayodele Hospital, Fagba. At Ayodele Hospital, he was admitted and they started administering drug and oxygen. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to Mr. Olabode Gbadeyan, the little boy’s father. He said, “My child was running temperature, so my wife took him to General Hospital, Fagba, but they referred my child to Ayinke Hospital, Ikeja. She called me on the phone, when I got there I decided to take the child to Ayodele Hospital. They put him on oxygen and other treatment. So, I left to get some money, but I was told by my wife that light went off and the generator wasn’t working for about an hour and there was a little problem, so I should come. When I got to the hospital, my child was dead. Not up to three hours of admission, a child that was taken there alive, but due to negligence, he passed on.

“I was annoyed and I demanded to see the doctors but they didn’t’ allow me. They didn’t say they were sorry. They told me to pay N38,000 before I could take my son’s corpse and I refused. I went to the police station, Oko Oba Division to report and they told me they will see into the matter. I went back to the hospital devastated. I threatened to burn down the place. They called the same police divisional officer at Oko Oba to lock me up. They have since not released my child’s corpse. Lagos state is involved now. They have told me and the hospital management to show up on February 24, 2016, so as to resolve the issue. The child was left near the waste bin from Saturday, February 6 since he passed on till Sunday afternoon when my sister went there. That was how she took the pictures that surfaced online.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly also spoke to the baby’s grandfather and grandmother, Mr. and Mrs. Dayo Gbadeyan.


What do you have to say about the incident between your family and Ayodele Hospital?

Baby Ademurewa Gbadeyan

Baby Ademurewa Gbadeyan

I have heard about this hospital that they are always recording high death rate. I heard that a man drove his car to the hospital but didn’t come out alive.

How come the baby’s father was arrested? When did they release him from detention?

They left him the evening of the day they arrested him.  I went there to bail him. I was still mourning my grandson and I didn’t’ go to church the following day which was Sunday. I was given a call in the morning that my son, Bode has been locked up. I was able to get him bailed in the evening, but he was so annoyed that when they eventually released him, he said he would not leave the place.

What are the steps to collect your grandson’s corpse?

Since they have decided not to release the corpse, they can keep it. They said we should pay N38,000 for just three hours the baby spent that lead to his death. I was called around 6pm on Saturday that Ademurewa was sick and around 9pm, the same day I was called that he passed on. I was surprised because they (Ademurewa and his parents) were living with us and I knew him to be a healthy boy. They have been with us since he was born till he was six months. We never rushed him to the hospital. The only time you will see him run temperature is when he had immunization and by the following day, he was alright. The Ministry of Health Lagos state has called that Ayodele is an optician and not a medical doctor.

Ayodele Hospital claimed that baby Ademurewa was taken there in coma?

I wasn’t there, but I know that my son won’t allow his child to get to coma before taking him to the hospital. I am sure that if the child was in coma, they wouldn’t have admitted him.

Baby Ademurewa was the first and only child of Mr. and Mrs. Gbadeyan. The couple have been married for one year.


ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to Mr. Bayo Gbadeyan on Friday 26, 2016, to ask if they have resolved the issue with Ayodele Hospital, he said, “No, they have agreed to release the corpse without payment, but they are not willing to write an apology letter, so I have told my lawyer to change them to court.”


Ayodele Hospital’s reaction

Ayodele Medical Centre also told their side of the story through a press release:

We share in the grief of the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olabode Gbadeyan, and pray to the almighty God to grant them the fortitude to bear the great loss.

The patient was brought to the hospital at 6.05pm on Saturday, February 6, 2016 with fever, vomiting, diarrhea and convulsion. He was also found to be pale and in coma and was registered as Master Oluwamurewa Gbadeyan. His parents introduced themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Olabode Gbadeyan of No. 12 Bosede Akinlaja Street, Giwa-Oke Aro, Ogun State, and were as such issued with a family card.

The patient was immediately admitted without a demand for deposit or any preconditions whatsoever, except to have a formal registration process completed by his parents. Two Doctors were on hand to examine him at the time he was presented.

Apart from the state of his condition as earlier explained, preliminary investigation revealed that the patient had been ill for about a week, and had been taken to a couple of hospitals prior to being brought to our hospital.

Patient was diagnosed with Sepsis and was immediately commenced on intravenous antibiotics, intravenous fluid and other medications. He was also supported with Oxygen, but regrettably patient passed away at 9.45pm (three hours forty minutes after he was admitted).

Although, there were occasional public power outages while the patient was on admission in our facility, this was not the cause of the patient’s demise. The demise was also not as a result of an alleged delay in restoring power to our facility. It is evidently clear that we have two serviceable and functioning power generating sets (150kva and 85kva respectively) on standby. It took less than two minutes on each occasion to restore power to the facility.

With respect to the allegation of the patient’s remains being improperly kept, we state categorically that it is not in our character to dehumanize even the dead. The remains of the patient were in a dignifying manner preserved. Although the photographs shown in the media depicts otherwise, they were taken while our staff were taking the remains by trolley to the corpse preservation room pending removal to a morgue by his parents. Our staff had innocently allowed the parents and their friends take photographs of the patient as they claimed they needed to do so for records and proper identification sake when they returned for the remains. It is however unfortunate that the gesture is being used against the Hospital. Please also note that one of the photographs showing the patient seated on a lap (while still alive) was not taken in our facility.


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