Bank MD’s paternity mess update – Doreen Bassey elopes to London with kids

  • Chika Mbonu on holiday abroad
  • Fresh facts on how Henry Bassey discovered his wife’s infidelity


DOREEN Bassey, the young lady who shamelessly wrecked her ten-year marriage and strutted herself mindlessly into a matrimonial mess, has left Lagos (Nigeria) for London (United Kingdom).

In tow were her two children, an eight year-old boy and a girl, six, the objects of the paternity palaver.

The sex scandal involving the Burundian who dated a married man left many wondering and stupefied.

According to insiders, Doreen’s extra-marital affair lasted all of nine years.  And it began when she reportedly visited The Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of David parish, on Victoria Island, Lagos, for counselling.

And instead of counselling the lady out of her woes and tribulation, the counselor took advantage of his position, started an affair with the very married woman.

The lovers carried on as if their illicit liaison would never be discovered.  But their misdemeanor came to Henry Bassey’s knowledge when one of their children fell ill while Doreen was on a trip with her lover.

The illness was serious and complicated, and a series of tests had to be conducted.  After the tests, it was discovered that Henry couldn’t have been the father of the child.

Henry (who owns Blue Island in Lekki, Lagos and described as a gentleman) was said to have kept all the details to himself.  And when Doreen returned from her trip, he told her that he wanted a divorce.

The lady was astonished, and in the course of their discussion, mentioned the upkeep of the children and their custody. It was then he told her the unpalatable news.

Thereafter, husband and wife parted ways –and divorce was sought.

Meanwhile, when Doreen Bassey told her lover about the mess, he ignored her, telling her to forget about him.

And as the tale grew wings, one name which cropped up was Casmir Chika Mbonu’s, the former managing director of the defunct Assurance Bank and Citizen Bank who washed his hands off the mess when we contacted him.

On Sunday, September 5, 2010, he dubbed the tale ‘trash.’  The pastor at City of David parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, stated that the scandal has nothing to do with him.

“Whatever is said about me is trash,” Chika Mbonu, 46, told us on phone on Sunday, September 5.  “I deny this story to the limit.  The story is trash.  Anybody can say whatever they like about anybody.”

When we asked the father of two children (Montell and Jessie) about being ex-communicated from his church, he also denied it.

However, on Sunday, September 12, 2010, we again contacted Mr. Mbonu (who is very married to Amaka) about the tale, and he maintained that he’s not involved.

At 5.31 p.m that day, we asked him when he’s likely to return to Nigeria so that we could conduct a full interview, but he refused to give us a date.

“When are you likely to come back to Nigeria, so that we can interview you?” we asked.

“Why?” he responded.

Because all our investigations point to you?

MBONU: When I come back.

When are you likely to come back?

MBONU: I don’t discuss my travel plans in public.

We just want to know so that we will call you to book an appointment.

“I will look for you,” he said.

But do you know any woman called Doreen Bassey? We pressed.

“Leave me alone!” and the phone went dead…


This story was first published in ENCOMIUM WEEKLY magazine edition of Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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