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Basketmouth to honor Canadian tour despite mom’s death

Laughter merchant Basketmouth has vowed to continue his Canadian tour despite the demise of his beloved mother.

The comedian revealed this on his social media page in an emotion laden message sent to his fans who are already disappointed that the talented comedian would cancel the tour. Though with a deep sense of loss as he pens his message. Basket mouth has promised not to let his fans down in the forthcoming Canada tour billed for October  21 and 22, 2016.
“The past few days have been gruesome for me and my family , my pain has been intense. I’ve  really never felt this way before . But also the amount of love and encouragement I ‘ve received from friends and people I ‘ve never met kept me together one day at a time.  With regards to my earlier commitments, especially the Canadian tour and AFRIMA, I’ve been asked about that and sincerely my initial stand was to pull out. I’ve thought long and hard and realized I ‘ll not only let a lot of people down , I’ll be disappointing my biggest fan and cheerleader till date my MUMMY, I know she would want me to go out there and make her proud. I trust I’ll catch her smile somewhere in the crowd. Thanks to you my promoters and clients that have offered to move things around for me. I am extremely grateful , but I would be there with my No 1 fan neatly tucked away in my heart and I will give everything I have got. Thank you and God bless .”
Basket mouth lost his mum a couple of days back and has since not fully recovered from the loss.

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