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Beautician AMANDA AKHIMIEN of Ever After opens spa in Omole


Fair skinned Amanda Akhimien, boss of Ever After, skin and body care specialist has been in the beauty and skin business for a couple of years now. She recently opened a spa in her Omole Phase I, Ikeja, Lagos office. 
ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with her about her new line of business and why she is so passionate at making women look beautiful.

Congratulations, we heard you just opened a spa?
Thank you very much, that is true. It is a dream come true. The spa is now in full operation.
How does it feel seeing your dream come to reality at last?
It feels great but I am not yet satisfied because in every business, there is always room for improvement and expansion. I wouldn’t only say I am happy, I am making progress and things are working well. When one’s prayer is answered, another comes to mind. So, that is how it goes. With the influx of clients, expansion is always needed.
What are the range of services you offer at your spa?
We offer hot stone and cold stone massage now, and it depends on the client’s needs and wants. We also have some personalized treatment for the skin and also instant wrinkle remover.
We remove specific wrinkles within hours and that is without surgery. There is also a type of massage that cures arthritis and other aches and pains in the body.
We have deep tissue massage, we have head massage for migraine. We offer mud treatment, Sudanese body treatment and all types of facials. Everything is fashioned according to the client’s need.
How will you describe patronage since it started?
Now, it has been awesome and I give God all the glory. Most of my clients experience it and tell friends and loved ones and they also come. It has been great.
How price friendly are your services in the spa?
Quite friendly, there is something for everyone.
There are lot of spas out there, what separates yours from them all?
My services are usually personalized. I look at a client and know what she needs. Sometimes, I could be massaging a client and I would notice something that the client doesn’t know is a problem. I will fix it. We don’t only attend to what a client pays for, we make sure everything is handled professionally. I guess that is why my clients keep coming back.
How much did the whole project gulp?
Quite a sum but I wouldn’t like to mention figures.
You are into a lot of things, make-up, skin care and now a spa, which one is really your first love?
I cannot really pin point. I love what I do but would say the one that gives me the most satisfaction is skin care because of some of the amazing transformation I see when I treat my clients of certain skin problems. Their happiness also gives me so much joy.
How do you combine business and family affairs?

When you manage your business well and you can separate the two, you would be able to do it well. So, I know where to draw the line when it comes to family and business. I always make out time for both.

What has been the pains and gains of being a businesswoman?
I don’t think there is any pain. I can’t really put a finger on any because I am a woman. I would just say that there are more gains that pain because people trust me.
Women are more dedicated to anything they believe and since my line of business is not dominated by men, it has been good and easy.
What are some of the challenges facing your kind of business?
The challenges are just the normal economic factors running generator when you are not supposed to, making you spend part of your profit on petrol and diesel. Trust me, it is not funny.

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