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Bed bugs, overrun UNILAG, Yaba Tech

Students of the University of Lagos, Yaba, Lagos, shut down academic activities on Monday, September 28, 2015, due to a protest against invasion of bed bugs and mosquitoes in their hostels. It was alleged that the Student Union Government Council had written a letter to the school management about the issue, but they didn’t do anything about it nor responded to the letter. This led to protests and the students barricading the two gates that lead to the school.

Meanwhile, the university management has denied that there were bed bugs in the hostels.

On Friday, October 2, 2015, ENCOMIUM Weekly, spoke to the SUG Secretary General, Babafemi Olufemi, to confirm if there were bed bugs and what had been done. He said, “It’s true that we have bed bugs in some hostels. Of course, the school management will not tell you it’s true. We the Student Union Government executive had a meeting with the management and they have promised to fumigate all the hostels before exams which will commence October 12, 2015. So, if there are no bed bugs, why would they want to fumigate the hostels?”


Students of Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech) also claimed to have bugs in their hostels and classrooms. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to some of the students.


Can we meet you?

My name is Amaka, a student of Marketing, Yaba College of Technology.

Are there bed bugs in your hostels and classrooms?

There are a lot in my class. My class is on the last floor of New Building and we can’t sit comfortably while receiving lectures. Some of our lecturers know about it because we warned them not to seat when they come to lecture us.

Some of the students stand at the back of the class to receive lectures in order not to be bitten by bed bugs. There was a day a friend of mine was scratching her body and by the time she told me to check what’s on her back, I was alarmed at how she had been bitten severally by bed bugs. When we sit and place our arms on the table, by the time we raise it, they would have bitten us.

We have complained to our Head of Department but nothing has been done. Now, I wear long sleeves blouse to the class to avoid being bitten and also I use repellants. I don’t stay in the hostel, but I have friends who complain about bed bugs in the hostel.



Can we meet you?

My name is Bukola.

Are there bed bugs in your hostel and classroom?

I haven’t noticed it in my classroom, but in my hostel, a big yes to that.

Which hostel are you in?

I stay in Bakassi Hall and there are bed bugs there. My elder sister also attended Yabatech and she stayed in the same hall. So, when the hostel was allocated in the same hall, she wasn’t happy.

She told me what I would face apart from bed bugs, no regular supply of water and students have to bring their fan. So, I bought pesticide to fumigate my room and mattress before I moved into the hostel. To an extent, I am free from bed bugs, but I have to do the fumigation regularly to avoid others coming in from other rooms.

Although, I still see one or two of the bed bugs in my room, but best thing to do is for the school authority to fumigate the hostels when the students are on holiday.

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