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Beer lovers reveal their favourite brands

A group of Nigerian men drink beer and listen to television updates on the election results, at the Flexx Bush Bar and Lounge in the Sabon Gari neighborhood of Kano, Nigeria, Monday, March 30, 2015. Nigerians are waiting in hope and fear for results of the most tightly contested presidential election in the nation's turbulent history. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

The tough economic situation across the country has stirred reactions and lamentations from many Nigerians but beer lovers still congregate daily at beer parlours despite the complaints of intolerable hardship in the country.

Most beer lovers make smart choice when it comes to beer consumption today as they can’t afford to stay home without consuming what they love. There are many beer brands for reasonable prices depending on what your budget permits.

Having less money can make it difficult to buy the beer you really like. This is why many beer lovers in the country now opt for cheaper beer products.

In’s findings, beer lovers in this chat revealed their favourite brands, prices and why they enjoy them.


Dele Agunyi

I take Trophy. It’s one of my favourite brands of beer even before recession. The ‘honourable brand’ has been in the market way back during my youthful years. I enjoy the brand because of the smooth taste. It’s also cheap which is why a lot of other people are patronising it now. I have been drinking Trophy for a long time.



I love beer generally, I’m not hooked on drinking just a brand. I like to drink Star lager or “33”. I enjoy drinking best in the evening when I’m returning home from work. It’s refreshing and makes me relax better after daily hustle.


Lawal Fowobi

My brand is Harp. I have been drinking Harp for a long time. In case Harp is not available, I will opt for Goldberg. It’s also has that great taste that will make one ask for more. I normally take 4 bottles daily and it helps me to get my daily job done easily.


Fatai Oseni

I prefer Trophy. It’s the only Honourable brand of beer. It’s very cheap and has a great taste. I don’t have one good reason why l drink it but l love to and I don’t think l will stop unless it becomes very expensive to afford.


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