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Beer parlors, restaurant owners cry as Ramadan batters business

Patronage has decreased drastically in most beer parlors and restaurant because of Ramadan.’s findings revealed that customers and clients who visit this joint the most are seeking the face of God with their Muslim counterparts across the world.

We chatted with beer parlours and restaurant owners on this development…


Ultimate Spot Bar – Ogba

Business has been dull even before Ramadan came. Our customers are not only Muslims, but what is happening now is not new if not for the recession. Sales always drop during Ramadan. Most of our Muslims customers won’t patronize us till the end of the month, but some who don’t fast still come around.


Ajayi Moromoke (Canteen owner)

We are used to situations like this. Ramadan period is yearly and when it’s approaching, we prepare for that 30 days, because during that period, it would just look like it’s only Muslims that patronize us. We know the kind of method we use in this season, we don’t cook too much so as not to run at a loss. But if eventually what you cook finishes before afternoon, you can then cook little again. This is what we do pending the time fasting is completed.


Oke Oluwafunmilayo (Ogo – Oluwa Food Canteen)

The fasting is really affecting business. If not for the school children that I sell food to, I don’t know what would have become of my business. I can’t wait for it (Ramadan) to wrap up. Sales nowadays are really discouraging.


Iya Kudirat Canteen – Agege

We are thanking God, the business is going well a little bit but not like before. I think it is because of the Ramadan. But during the time they are breaking their fast, we used to sell well.


Dillious Restaurant – Ogba

I can’t even say anything about it because the business is not encouraging at all, you can see it yourself. If there is customer, I won’t have to sit down the way you met me. It’s not only during Ramadan, the business has been dull before Ramadan started. But now that we are in season of Ramadan the business is now getting worse.


Mama Ramota Canteen – Agege

The only strategies l have been using during this fasting period is that, I cook in the morning for those who want to eat the early morning food, and in the evening for them to break their fast. If not for this strategy, the business will not be encouraging at all but it is stressful .


Chieze Beer Parlour

The business is not like before, the patronage has reduced due to season of Ramadan that we are in. But before the Ramadan started, the business was not that okay because of recession that we are. Customers are fewer than before.




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