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BEMORE Boot Camp: Mrs. Akeredolu recommends Yoga exercise for Nigerians against health challenges

In order to keep people fit and stay healthy, Wife of the Ondo state Governor, Mrs. Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu has recommended yoga as a physical exercise for Nigeria citizens so as to make them prevail over health challenges.
Mrs. Akeredolu gave this recommendation while leading about 300 Nigerian girls in the ongoing BEMORE Boot camp for Naija 2019 at the Elizade university stadium in Ilara- Mokin.
Ondo First Lady noted that yoga exercise provides one with sound health as it involves moving the entire parts of the body in straight and bend directions, stretching some jointed parts and the neck.
She affirmed that the emergence of some people growing older while still in their youthful ages occurred as a result of lack of adequate physical exercises, stressing that health decadence of many notable Nigerians also caused  as a result of showing lackadaisical attitudes to physical exercises despite the fact that they are taking balanced diet.
It could be recalled that Mrs. Akeredolu had earlier last week during the commencement of this year 2019 BEMORE exercise introduced taekwondo training, a training method meant for self-defense for the girls against internal aggression especially at this time of sexual molestation by the opposite sex throughout all the states of federation.
Yoga is a part of Hindu training, especially a system of exercises practiced to promote control of body and mind.



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