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Benedictions drench Otedola over Forte exit

From moguls to celebrities, family to well wishers, benedictions have drenched billionaire businessman Femi Otedola following his exit announcement Wednesday, June 19, afternoon from Forte Oil Plc. From warm wishes to prayers and pieces of advice, the Chairman of Forte Oil has received innumerable messages.The announcement was greeted with glee from many quarters. Here are two dozens benedictions from men and women of goodwill:


Congratulations Boss. All the best with the new venture. May God continue to bless the work of your hands… and when you’re ready to write a book about business, we are ready to read it.


The next chapter…


On to the next frontier! šŸ’ÆšŸ™šŸ¾


The dollar MogulšŸ‘. Bring the proceeds to your bank.


Mate! You have done well for yourself and for this generation! More grace leader šŸ™


Geregu is in my State, may Almighty Allah make it a success for u far beyond u’ve planned it


May this company never run down may God sustain it forever ijn

hdlimited .. When buffet acquired any company. Smart investors buy shares in those companies because Buffet doesn’t get it wrong. .For chairman to divest from Forte. Next big thing will be Geregu. If you like call your brokers if you like don’t. Me am buying unless GEREGUN is not listed.


@femiotedola sir, i don’t know if you have written any book(s); i have not seen any. There’s so much to learn from you sir.


Now someone will be asking do you ever go to work ? . I will have asked am if hin papa sabi buy 1 liter of BP fuel for his lifetime…100%


Daddy I love your innovations, but the world is trying to go away from oil sir. Some countries are now into electric and solar power generation. Pls let have F.Ote$ telecom.


Truly inspiring and visionary. Congratulations to one of the few magnates in this country with a glittering lace of humanity about him. I admire your selflessness sir. A true beacon of hope to the young and aspiring business minds of this generation.


The great man with vision hope it is power generated from renewable energy that is the legacy we hope you will leave behindā¤ļøšŸ”„šŸ™Œ


Congratulations…..recalling the acquisition of AP and the journey to this day offers a lesson in turnaround management. Well done @femiotedola


Gradually you have engraved your name in people’s heart ,you live beyond the ordinary when you impact lives@femiotedola


@femiotedola You’re a revolutionary business mogul. This your business ideas and principles can’t be taught in any ivy league business schoolsšŸ‘


Congratulations to you sir. I salute your courage and audacity of hope.


My boss. Where next. You’re making a wise move like Mark Cuban pulled out of Yahoo before the shares crashed. Everyone knows the world is abandoning fossil fuel, so your move is in line. Where next boss? Show us the way…


The book sir,as proposed by @bankywellington .We need to read and replicate the values that has brought you this far. Knowing when to divest and invest.God bless you


You have remained Contextually Consistent over the years. Nice one Sir @femiotedola


I know your successor will do well. Also give us your advisory seevices. You are assured of a perfect job.


I remembered the day I sat in your office about five years ago ,though our meeting was brief but, I will never forget the impact that it had on me.I looked at your work table and there was nothing on it but your phones, and I made up my mind from that day, never to work for money ,but to work to fulfill purpose .I didn’t get the opportunity I came for ,but I got something that was far better that.I wish you the best in your next level.I look forward to the day, that people like you will be given the opportunity to lead this Country!!! Cheers


Huge, strategic move. Seeing ahead and positioning for the future. Though it may take some time, oil business will be almost completely out in the near future. Talk about self’driving electir cars etc it’s already happening. All the best sir and may you find the best hands to deliver excellently on this!šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘Œ


That the different between a businessman and a reformer, you are not only making the money but the difference kudos sir.



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