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Best dressed Nollywood actors (4): Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot is an actor and director who has starred in over 200 films and a number of television shows and soap operas. He is one of Nollywood’s leading actors and supposedly a model. Desmond is among the celebrities enlisted to model Yomi Casual in his collection entitled The Redefined Man.

You can find him wearing different types of looks, but most times they are for movie roles. He always tries to look good at all times in both native and English wears. Some have described him as Nollywood’s most loved male actor.

A good dresser, Desmond is not known to compromise his fashion style. He is known to make fashion statements at every outing. He is loved for his acting prowess, good looks and well tailored suits and overall clean look. His dress sense is quite appealing, especially as he wears a powerful, charming and irresistible smile.

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