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‘My friend is used to controversies’

+Intimate secrets of the Big Brother Africa star


Eyebrows were raised last week when beautiful Big Brother Africa star, Beverly Osu slept with her South African house mate, Angelo, with the roving eyes watching.

Torrents of vitriol were directed at the Nigerian star, mostly by young fans accross the country who felt betrayed by her action.

ENCOMIUM Weekly however caught up with Beverly’s best friend, Charity, who opened up about the BBA star’s relationship with singer, 2Shotz, her mum, reasons why Beverly dropped out of Babcock University and much more.


What is your name and what’s your exact relationship with Beverly Osu?

She’s my best friend.

How did you meet?

Before we became friends, we knew each other but we didn’t talk. The impression I had of Beverly then was that of a crazy person that I would not want to talk to, I was in UNILAG and she was in Babcock then.

The day we met in physically, we were supposed to be on the cover of a magazine together so we met at the photoshoot. The organiser actually asked me to find out if she wanted to do it so I sent her a message on twitter, she replied me and then we met at the shoot and from then we became friends.

What kind of person is Beverly Osu?

She’s a very loving person and very emotional. Things kind of get to her easily and she’s very trusting and she loves her friends. She likes to believe that nobody will want to intentionally hurt her. She’s not naive or gullible but she’ll first give you the benefit of doubt. She stands up for her friends.

I’m the calm version of her. She doesn’t like to be in a place and it will be boring. She can’t be in a place and everyone will be dull, something has to be happening.

You guys were really close?

Apparently, I’m the only person she talks about in the BBA house.

So, you know everything about how she got into the BBA?

Yes I was there when she was picking her form. We actually got the forms and we filled it in late Goldie’s house. Goldie died on Friday, Valentine’s Day, and we filled the form in her house two days before, that was February, 12, 2013.

I remember that earlier on Thursday, she said Denrele asked her to come to Goldie’s house, you she’s friends with Denrele, like really really cool friends so when we got to Goldie’s house in Parkview, we saw lots of people and we were wondering what so many people came there to do, we even asked if there was a party, and they said they all wanted to fill Big Brother forms, so they all came to meet him and we were there all through. We got there like about 4pm and up till 7pm he was still busy, people were just trooping in. We filled her form around 3am so, we all squeezed ourselves in the parlour, we even spoke with Goldie that day but by that time I couldn’t find my form anymore, somebody from the house took it so that was where my own attempt ended.

How did you hear that Beverly was chosen?

We were just praying and the day she got that SMS, I was at a friend’s house in Onike, Yaba, Lagos, and she sent me a BBM that ‘We’re In!” and I just started screaming because I knew immediately, then the second SMS, we were together in Ikeja, Lagos.

Is Beverly a controversial person?

She is, Beverly moves and drama moves with her, that’s how to explain it.

So, she can handle controversy very well?

It was evident during the time of Mr. ‘I’ve never battered anyone before’ from when she was dating him and all the things they have said about her. I remember when the popular ex she was dating before

Cuts in, 2Shotz?

I said Mr I’ve never battered anybody before. While they were dating, her mother came back from America and the next thing was for him to start telling people that Beverly was doing drugs when she can’t even take alcohol. Beverly will have the same glass from beginning till end whenever we go out together because she knows her limit. But she’s good with controversies.

Do you know why they broke up?

I know he instilled fear into her. There are different stories but I don’t want to talk about it. There are some stories that led to them breaking up that if it comes out, it would look totally bad on him.

Who dumped who?

You don’t want to know because there are some things that if I speak about now, will hurt 2shotz in ways that he can never imagine. So, all the things that he’s saying right now… It got to a point where he broke her sim card because of phone calls. Who does that?

Are you saying she did not enjoy the relationship with 2Shotz?

For her to be in a relationship, she definitely enjoyed it. She was in love with 2shots. She liked him so much.

Do you know why she dropped out of Babcock University?

We weren’t that close then, but from what I’ve been made to believe and she has said it herself on air that she couldn’t afford her fees anymore and instead of wasting your time in a school that you cannot afford, why don’t you just leave but now she’s back in school.

Which school is she in?

She’s a student of National Open University of Nigeria. She got back in school last year, so, she’s in her second year now.

Did you expect her to have sex in the BBA house?

Anything can happen if you are locked up in a house for a week. We’re all humans.

So, you were not surprised or bothered?

I wasn’t surprised, I wasn’t expecting it either. I was just there. My reaction was that she’s done it, she’s not the only one who has done it.

Was she in a relationship before going into the house?

No she wasn’t in any relationship.

What does she do apart from schooling?

She hosts events basically. We provide ushers for people who do events on contract and that was what she was doing before she went to BBA.

What’s her relationship with her mom?

They are best of friends. Her mom just called me now, she’s our best friend. She’s like the third person in a circle because whatever we do, we tell her.

But Beverly annoyed some fans when she allegedly made derogatory statements on her mom?

She said what she felt was necessary.

For the show right?

If you watch the show you’ll see that there are three people she calls every time, Charity, Denrele and Mummy Suzy. The relationship is very tight.  She was speaking to her the other time and she said, ‘Come home, your room is ready’. Before Beverly dates anybody, she tells her mom. She counsels us all the time and we tell her everything, no matter how small it is or irrelevant. I feel like I have two mothers because my own mom is very calm.

When Beverly slept with Angelo last Friday, how did her mom take it and does she know of all the abuse, that were directed at her when it happened?

She knows, she has seen everything and sometimes, she calls me to tell me some. Just now, she called me to say some people called to congratulate her saying they were Beverly’s fans. There is the good and the bad. Of course, she’s a mother so she would feel the way mothers would feel.

How do you think she’ll welcome Beverly when she comes out of the house?

She’s already redecorating her room so she’ll welcome her like a mother would.

Is she happy about what happened?

She’s proud of her daughter. If you watched the video message she sent, she said Beverly is a queen, and she loves her and she’s proud of her daughter.


This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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