Big Brother Africa Hotshots -Eviction Fever 

Eviction fever has gripped all housemates as they tumbled slowly out of bed on the morning of Sunday, October 19, 2014. They tried to delay the inevitable: the eviction. JJ, Laveda, M’am Bea and Kacey Moore made their way to the kitchen to clean up the previous night’s mess.

Preparations for eviction night started in earnest with the nominees heading to Biggie’s pseudo hair salon in the garden. Laveda,Tayo, Permithias, Lilian, Frankie, Sabina, Esther and JJ got their moment in the sun, quite literally, as they sunned themselves while getting their hair done. Ellah, unaware of her nomination by Head of House, Samantha, stayed in bed. However, she soon got busy, pampering the men in the bedroom with manicures, and then painting Butterphly’s nails.

Uncertainty and fear fills the air in the house, with everyone waiting in anticipation to see who will go home tonight. The bigger concern for most housemates, however, is whether or not they have been nominated by Samantha. Conversation outside quickly turned to the topic of who the ninth nominee might be.

After two weeks in the house, true colours are starting to show and masks are being dropped. In addition, the food blow-up the night before was proof of frayed nerves. What will tonight’s eviction do to the mood in the house and the relationships that have developed,that is the question on the mind of all fans of the reality show.


Idris and Ellah are gradually falling in love, they curl up together at any given opportunity. Meanwhile, they got very comfortable with one another curling up together in bed on Sunday morning, but not before Idris had clambered on top of the lovely Ugandan lady in order to give her a massage.


On Saturday, October 18, 2014, there was a fight between two housemates, Nhlanhla and 265. The fight erupted because Nhlanhla was keeping some food items for himself. At first, the conversation in the kitchen was over alcohol and the lack of it thereof. Nhlanhla had placed eight bottles of alcohol in the fridge and Esther took four of those bottles for herself and her friends. Housemates started asking after the alcohol and the issue of housemates stashing food away came up.

First, it was the story of Nhlanhla keeping bread-rolls for himself and bread running out. The issue was deliberated on in the kitchen as Nhlanhla explained that he had stashed away things that he had bought with his own money Almost out of nowhere, Mr. 265 emerged and started shouting in Nhlanhla’s face, claiming that Nhlanhla told him not to eat the cheese. Nhlanhla denied these allegations and said that all he said to Mr. 265 was that he should not play with the cheese.

The argument erupted with this misunderstanding, fingers were wiggling in faces and it seemed as though there was a riot in the kitchen. The argument lasted for more than an hour as the house divided into two, still deliberating on the cheese issue. Sheillah pushed Nhlanhla away from Mr. 265 as she imagined things could quickly go out of hand. Nhlanhla easily and quickly calmed down and said that he was not heating up the argument but rather found it ridiculous that people wouldn’t want to be called to order for wasting food.

It seems that the housemates’ main contention surrounds food and even though Alusa advised that the stashing away of food should stop, we can only wait and see what happens when the next supply of food comes in. Nhlanhla maintained that he would keep to himself items that he bought with his money.


Zambia’s beautiful Resa was one of the housemates to be evicted but she is upbeat and cheerful. She is philosophical about being evicted and says, “It’s the name of the game.”  She has been working with DStv Zambia with the whole media storm that instant fame brings. Television, radio and newspapers all want a piece of her.

Resa plans to carry on with being a voice-over artist, as she has been told that she has a “golden voice.”

This Saturday, she is doing an ice-bucket challenge and she is also getting involved in a corporate social initiative with DStv Zambia.


Mira was the first to be booted out of Big Brother Hotshots. The vivacious beauty from Mozambique stepped off the airplane and went straight to the voting booths as it is the Mozambiquan elections at the moment.  As a result of the elections, her publicity schedule with Multichoice Mozambique has all been moved to next week. This means that she has some time for herself . She is using the opportunity to do a portfolio shoot for her budding modeling career.

She is, however, missing Luis and there has even been an online campaign to get her back into the house for two minutes so that she can give Luis a kiss.

Mira is ambitious. Apart from modeling, she is looking at extending her profile outside of Mozambique as she is fluent in English and this, she feels, gives her an added edge further. She has done an English interview as well as appearing in a Kenyan magazine. This Mozambiquan stunner is sure to be lighting up our screens soon. Keep an eye on her. She is extremely thankful and humbled by all the outpouring of love and affection for her across the continent.


One of the duo of Nigerian housemates, Lilian is out of the game, following her is Esther from Uganda. First given her marching order was Lilian and just a moment later, Esther was second in the contemptible eviction cart.

As the pair mounted the stage to join IK they were simply dripping Hotshots status. The news of Lilian’s eviction came as a rude shock to her fellow housemate, Tayo. He had to ask “how could this be” to which Lilian responded it was okay, but she never looked like it. On stage she told IK she was shocked.

For old time’s sake she treated the audience to a freestyle rap. Esther simply took the sash of her country’s flag and embarked on a walk of shame. On stage, she told IK that she and Lilian had developed a close friendship in the house because they are straight talkers.


In a shock twist, Big Brother was not satisfied with just two evicteees leaving the house on Sunday, but a third housemate was evicted. After initially being told she was safe, Sabina was the shock third housemate leaving the house. There was a tie and it went down to the percentage vote. Already, five ladies had been evicted from the house. There are many tears, hugs and shocked faces. Samantha, in particular, can’t quite believe what has just happened.

Following on the heels of Lilian, Esther and last week, Resa and Mira, Kenyan Sabina was hugely popular in the house and across Africa. She was whisked out of the house straight onto the live stage for her interview with IK where she carries her Kenyan flag with pride.

She felt good that she was going to be able to go home and see her seven month old baby. She is looking forward to getting back to her acting career. It was a night of shock, joy for Tayo and disappointment for three ladies, Lilian, Esther and Sabina.


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