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Billionaire kidnapper: 8 revelations paint a colourful picture of ferocious criminal

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More revelations are emerging as Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike – billionaire kidnapper arrested on Saturday, June 10, 2017, in his luxurious house in Magodo (Lagos) – spends 6 days in detention.
The notorious, crafty, rich and deadly kingpin from Nnewi (Anambra state) is still singing like a canary, and his parents are paying the price of silence as he awaits justice.
Here are 8 new details about the 36 year old father whose family has relocated to Canada as compiled by

1. The billionaire kidnapper has been crying in detention, lamenting his fate and complaining about the state of his cell.
He’s comparing his luxurious lifestyle fueled by crime to the dinghy cell and the undesirable elements he’s holed with.
He’s also said to be chirping like a canary, mentioning names of his collaborators and revealing some of his daring exploits.

2. His mother, Madam Chinwe Nwosu, well aware of his criminality, has gone into hiding from her Umudim (Nnewi base).
Sympathisers and those out to mock her besieged her house, and the flood of visitors was overwhelming.
It is unclear how much largesse she benefited from the proceeds of crime.

3. Pa Stephen Onwuamadike is claiming that he neither divorced his wife (Lady Nwosu) nor disowned his son.
He’s begging for a second chance for his heartless son who terrorised and traumatised scores as he killed several.

4. The monarch of Umudim (Obi Okafor) claimed the young Onwuamadike is not known in the area. He never participated in the development of the community nor planted any house there.

5. Chukwudumeme attended Emmanuel Anglican Church Primary School, Akamili Umudim.
But it is unclear when he enrolled and left as staffers in the school are avoiding being interviewed.

6. The notorious crook said his charms failed him.
And knew his time was up when he was almost nabbed at the Igando camp used for those abducted.
He went to his herbalist in Nnewi who assured him of invincibility. The dibia repeated that ‘no person born by a woman’ will arrest him.

7. One of his three girlfriends (Amaka, Ijeoma and Ngozi) was the whistle blower who gave Police his details and movement.
Amaka was said to be with him in the earlier hours of Saturday, June 10. And he knew he was being trailed.
Amaka was reportedly liaising with detectives for months.

8. The mastermind of mind boggling crimes had planned to elope as he was desperate to auction his property in Magodo weeks leading to his arrest.

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