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Bimbo Thomas denies getting boobs job

+’I never said my breasts were bigger than Cossy’s’

Big and beautiful actress Bimbo Thomas is in the news again. She was alleged to have said that her boobs are bigger than Cossy Orjiakor’s.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her on why she said that and if truly her boobs are bigger. She spoke exclusively on the issue on Friday, September 20, 2013…


What’s been happening to you?

I’ve been busy from one movie location to the other, events compere and most of all preparing for my own project.

We haven’t been seeing you in movies lately?

I’ll say maybe you haven’t been seeing movies lately because I have been working and my jobs are out there.

You said you would be getting married soon, but we haven’t heard anything. Why?

Why are you in a haste? Keep calm and just wait, you will hear the bells ring soonest.

When should we be expecting invites?

Pretty soon.

You were recently in the news, it was alleged that you said your boobs were bigger than Cossy Orjiakor’s?

Me? How can? Why do I need to compare what God has given me with anybody’s. Seriously, I was stunned when I heard and saw that went viral because I never condemn or run anybody down. What for? Please, for the records, I’m saying it again, I never mentioned anything close to such. Not me.

What prompted the statement?

I just said I don’t know where that was cooked up, I’m not in a race with anybody.

Are your boobs really bigger than hers?

My God, I said the statement wasn’t from me. How do I know if it’s true or false?

Some people also alleged that you had boobs job, how true is it?

I can’t stop laughing o. Is there anything people won’t say? Maybe they should question God the Creator of good works. It’s not true at all.


This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, August 24, 2013



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