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Bimbo Thomas keeps mum on private photos she sent to her ex-boyfriend

Popular big and beautiful actress, Bimbo Thomas granted an interview where she said her only regret was sending private pictures to her former boyfriend.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an exclusive interview with her, talking more on her achievements so far, marriage and her relationship with the former boyfriend…

What’s been happening to you careerwise?

So far, so good. One cannot but thank God for everything. Career wise, it’s been fulfilling. And this is because you decide to follow a particular career and you work hard, and as an artiste you are recognized or appreciated for doing what you know how to do. That is much more fulfilling and believing that with more hard work and dedication, it would surely end with praises.

Give us a recap of how 2013 has been, has it been productive?

Of course, yes. It has, for being alive alone. What else can one say. As for me, the next level is preparing solely for the future.

‎What are your major achievements in 2013?

So many that I can’t start counting them, but I can say that I have been able to expand my coast, larger and broader.

Mention some of your prospects for 2014?

Not only in 2014 but for the future, I will like to be more involved as an agent of positive change. It could be through my work of art or through participation in other forms.

A lot of your colleagues are no longer just into acting, some have crèches, some have boutiques. Do you have any plan to do something else aside acting?

It depends, it’s not sacrosanct that one must follow the trend. I may not necessarily go into other business and face the business side of movies. I say this because what is involved is talent and it can be explored in different ways. All the same, never say never because I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I’m hoping for the best.

What has acting not done for you?

I would not say what acting hasn’t done for me, but what it has done for me – which is fulfillment.

After Omo Ghetto, your fans haven’t found any movie you featured as interesting as Omo Ghetto, why is it so?

Different strokes for different folks. What you consider to be interesting might not be interesting to other people. Also, these are works of art and very dynamic. What makes you a good act is ability to interpret roles in all possible best. One must also be mindful of the fact that when you stick your strength to a particular role, you might be doing yourself disservice. I’m enjoying every moment as I have done few roles different from what I did in Omo Ghetto. All the same I assure lovers of art that I will continue to do my best.

Do you have plans releasing your own movie? And how soon is it going to be?

I want to believe it’s going to be a gradual process. One must learn to crawl before walking. Let me take it easy and continue to take one thing after the other. Plans are ongoing already. As soon as I’m set to roll the tape as to the release a movie on my own, I’m sure you will be one of the very first to be notified .

A lot of female celebs expose their boobs, what’s your take on it?

My take is that everyone has a reason for any action, and those celebrities that choose to do so also have a reason of exposing their boobs and more.

Why do celebs take delight in exposing their boobs?

I think the question should be directed at those celebs that expose their boobs, because they are in a better position to give you an answer.

A couple of days back you granted an interview and you made mention of your only regret, could you narrate the experience?

Let’s leave something of the past for the past and concentrate on how we can make use of today to better tomorrow.

Based on your experience what advice would you give ladies?

Ladies should always be ladies with focus and dedication to what they believe.

What’s your relationship with the man involved?

Should we just leave all that part of private life and move on.

Is it the same man you were planning to spend the rest of your life with?

When the time comes, we shall all live to witness everything by the grace of God.

Sometimes back, you said you were getting married soon. A lot of your fans have been waiting to see the day, it has even kept those that are interested in you. What’s been happening, you are not yet married?

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.





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