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Bimbo Thomas, Kemi Korede carpet MC Oluomo ‘no bra, no pant’ birthday critics

“They’re blackmailers”

Top Yoruba actresses who attended the recently held birthday in honour of the National Union of Road Transport Workers(NURTW) strong man, Alhaji Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya, popularly addressed as MC Oluomo, at The Place, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos on Monday, March 14,2016, have spoken in one voice, condemning the controversial tales trailing the shindig. They, however, labelled those behind such as cheap blackmailers, insisting the birthday bash was more than decent and was attended by quality guests from far and near, not braless girls as being bandied.
One of the actresses, Kemi Korede told on Wednesday, March 23, afternoon, “That’s a big lie! Mc Oluomo didn’t organize braless birthday. It’s a very decent party, and a lot of correct people were there, including the Honourables from different constituencies. I was there in person, so also a lot of my colleagues, including Fathia Balogun, Bimbo Thomas, Mide Martins and more. Even, Pasuma and a lot of other friends of Oluomo were there.

“The party was like a surprise for him. He himself came around 2.30 or thereabouts. And immediately he arrived, we all moved to the venue with him to meet those that were already seated.
“It’s a gathering of quality people. But you should understand one thing, MC Oluomo is a popular man, and anywhere he is, a lot of people will want to flood the place. Those girls in the picture being circulated were not his guests. They came on their own for a different purpose; and probably when they noticed that it’s Oluomo celebrating, they just shifted their attention to that venue for their fun. It’s unfair to say the man invited them. And those of us who came for the event were decently dressed. I think some are just out there to malign MC Oluomo.”
Speaking in the same vein, another star actress, Bimbo Thomas expressed discomfort about the ugly tale to, describing it as not only untrue but out rightly malicious.
“The story is rubbish. I was just laughing as I was reading it. I couldn’t even understand what those behind it are trying to prove. Are they saying I also went to the party without a bra? That’s rubbish.
“In the first place, there was nothing like braless party that day, and MC Oluomo didn’t organize anything like that. It’s a surprise birthday for him, and I also went to honour him. Not only me, a lot of my colleagues were also in attendance and we were all properly dressed. Even, a lot of politicians were there and other dignitaries, including Pasuma. I was even at the VIP session. It’s a decent occasion.
“Those girls in the picture came to the lounge at The Place, not the venue of Oluomo’s birthday. But immediately they noticed that he was around, some of them just struggled to get to the venue, and he couldn’t have chased them all. And you know some bloggers, they like tagging on something catchy to create traffic for their blogs.MC is a decent, he can never organize anything like that. Even, ordinarily, we all know how some nasty girls dress to parties even when they’re not invited. So, what are we saying? I believe they just want to black mail him. If it were to be a braless party, do you think I would attend it?”

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