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Biodun Okeowo and Wura Gold talk about their quarrel over lesbianism


A couple of days back, social media was agog with the story of the alleged rancor between two top Yoruba actresses, Biodun Okeowo, a.k.a Omo Butty, and her hitherto bosom friend, Wura Gold on allegation and counter allegation of lesbianism between the two.  And their incredible tale has left many tongues wagging and nagging within and outside the industry.

However, ENCOMIUM Weekly, in our bid to confirm the truth, we contacted Tolani Osinrin, as Okeowo is fondly addressed, on Friday, June 26, 2015, to narrate her side of the story.  She simply reacted, “I don’t think that’s necessary again.  There’s nothing to talk about again because the matter has been resolved by Iyabo Ojo.”

On Monday, June 29, 2015, we also reached out to Wura Gold.  She told us, “The truth is what I have said in the interviews I granted some magazines on the matter.  As a matter of fact, I don’t need to talk on it again because the whole thing has been settled by Iyabo Ojo.  And we have both apologized to each other.”

She, however, referred us to her statement in one of the magazines which reads: “I have a nine year-old son who I wouldn’t like to be confronted by such a nightmare.

“In June 2013, Biodun Okeowo made love advances to me and I was shocked.  I reported her to a respected personality, Chief Aina Kushoro, who was amazed but begged me not to disclose it to anyone again because of my integrity.  Biodun is only out to blackmail me.  She is a terrible liar,” she confirmed to have said.

Gold, however, maintained that the storm is over and she is not ready to grant any further interview on that.

“I have said it, we have resolved the issue. No need talking further again.”

On Monday, June 29, 2015, ENCOMIUM Weekly got back to Omo Butty again for further reaction based on Wura’s submission.  She reacted, “I was dumb-founded when I read the interview granted by Wura Gola in some magazines.  That was after the matter had been resolved.

“One, she said Kush can stand as a witness.  She even said anybody who wants to further confirm what she said can call Kush.  I was amazed because it’s the same Kush in 2013 when we’re shooting a Monsuru Fala’s movie at Abidap Hotel, Ipaja, I went to plead on behalf of Wura because she and Kush were quarrelling that time.  But Kush insisted not to let go, he said I can’t know Wura more than him that she’s a very cunny person.  How come now it’s the same Kush that she cited as a witness against me?  If Wura had reported me to Kush truly, as a father, which I used to call him, I believe he should have invited me and asked me about the allegation.  So, why is he now a witness against me in a matter that doesn’t exist?  I believe it’s all rubbish.  Wura is just looking for cheap publicity.

“And this is that same Kush I just attended his wife’s birthday party which he personally invited me.  And he’s still boasting as a father to me. I don’t believe it could be him.

“When I called Kush after reading Wura’s interview because a lot of people had called me on it, Kush just replied, “Is that what they told you I said?  That means both of you are not serious.”  And he ended the call.  I called him twice again but he didn’t pick my call.

“Fine, Wura said I had slept in her house for like a week.  Then, if I were the one that made love advances to her, how come that I stopped going to her house myself.  And I also stopped her from coming to my house when she wanted to come.  I told her not to come because of my husband.  It’s true I had slept in her house and that’s when we’re shooting Afeez Owo’s movie in Abule Egba.  And Wura lives in Oko Oba which is close to the location.  That’s why I couldn’t go home then.  I was shocked to hear these cock and bull story.

“But anyway, the issue has been resolved and it’s true we have both apologized to each other.  But I was shocked to have read all what I read on the pages of magazines without anybody contacting me to find out from me my own side of the story.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly also reached out to Kush as Kushoro is fondly called.  He reacted, “It’s true, Wura Gold told me about it in 2013 and I told her to keep quiet because it’s all nonsense. I am now surprised they’re revealing that rubbish.  They’re stupid people.

“Fine, I once dated Wura, that’s about two and a half years ago.  I stopped all the rubbish when I clocked 50.  I will be 52 by my next birthday.  I am getting old, I don’t need all these nonsense again. I can’t be involved in such again.

“And also to let you know that Biodun Okeowo is like a daughter to me, she was the only artiste I invited for my birthday last month.  So, both of them are not serious.  When Biodun called me on the issue, I told her she should stop the rubbish.  They are both stupid.”


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